Friday, June 23, 2006

Moment of Happiness..

I felt the value of money and that too...the hard earned money... Today was my day, when I was alleviated to that level. You cannot explain that state. Thank to God, who choosed me to put in this state.

So..Close but too far..

How do you feel when you think, the person within your closed circle is neglecting you? I am wondering how to react.

If this is not within my radius, I would have neglected but I dont want to miss it...

What can I do?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Where to go?

Did you ever had this question, where to go? Couple of hours before, I would have laughed when someone had ask this. But, I am in a position to answer this but could not find a answer.

The bad thing , the days are getting longer for me and the good thing, I am not getting tired of things. I was able to take the pressure and people from different directions. Nothing tired me even I had only 18 hours of sleep in last 96 hours.

I felt myself drowned when this question got to me suddenly. How it all started? Oops, its my mistake. I forgot to grab my key and felt little lazy to get the other key from my friend. Thought I know couple of people and could hang around for sometime.

But, it is not possible to stay in their house alone right. For that, I could stay outside my house alone or at tennis court, watch kids playing or at swimming pool, hear the sound of water. I choosed all the three options, spoke to my neighbour ( good, not alone), spoke to my friend at tennis court (isnt good to meet after 3 months) and got my good old company back, writing at pool.

I know, I need to come out of my shell and get into other's shoes. Dont take it granted and dont expect too much. Life is full of practical experiences , good that I had one ;-).

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Give me a break..

Coming back the world of bloggers...

Give me a break people...