Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour US...

I wouldn't be aware of this Earth Hour US if I am not using Google. Earth Hour explained why Google home page had black background. The initiative was kicked off in Sydney and spread around to different cities. This would be small thing we can do by switching off our lights for an hour from 8 - 9 pm.

The video in below link shows how much energy saved during this hour. First time, something was so easy to get a great satisfaction. Just switch off the lights...nothing much..

Friday, March 14, 2008

HandBag Matters...

Today, end of work, I saw a lady going out with a big bag, carry bag and a hand bag. I was fascinated and thought what she would have carried to stay maximum of 9 hours in one place.
I am pretty sure she was not marooned in an island. Then, I realized not only her but every other women carried minimum of two bags with them if you ignore the purse. What for??

I know many men carry same purse from the time he started to have let it be for sentimental or lucky reasons.

I remember this one incident happened in my school days. Our French madam went out in middle of the class and she is famous for her make-up kit. My friends wanted to confirm the rumors and open her handbag. One person, Balaji, successfully opened and end up with thrashing from her. It was quite funny to relive.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

World Richest Billionaires

In Top ten richest people, four people are Indians. Just thinking what it really does good to the country as a whole or for the people. If Mukesh and Anil assets are together (85 billion), Ambani group would be the number one in world. Forget one guy, who resides in UK, the rest of the guys accumulate to 115 billion dollars.

What can be done by these three guys money?

1. Can donate 11 dollar to every person in India? Making it the biggest and largest public distribution, 400 rupees to everyone is great achievement considering the fact that only 1/4 of the people can spent Rs.12.

2. Can spend twice the amount, the Indian government planned to spend in this Budget 2008.

3. The golden quadrilateral road project cost only 13 billion dollars so we could construct one circle, square and an octagon.

4. Cost of New Chennai International Airport is 25 billion so 4 world-class airport with 115 billion :-)

5. Basic medical Aids also needs its share.

To see in another side...

1. Can buy 460 Boeing 777 bus

2. Can buy out many of the Top IT companies.

3 Can buy more Bugatti Veyron cars to open new Taxi service.

Will keep adding it...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Day Light Savings..

Saturday night, we went out for movie. We had ready made parotta with Murali's kozhambu.. Suddenly we figured its 2:00 pm everywhere, no way this movie could be more than 4 hours. Then, we realised we lost one hour due to day light savings. God !! My one hour of sleep was lost and now I couldn't sleep. My body cannot accept its 1:00 pm, it would be 12:00 two days back.

The most significant thing, researchers figured out, energy consumption was more during the savings time rather reduced usage. So, then for what this is followed??


I missed a get-together for first time, happened in Hartford, Connecticut. I have to stay for a while in San Antonio because Mahesh (room mate) arriving here from Chennai. Courtesy calls :)

I think around 10 guys are meeting and its birthday for Rajendra Kumar :(

Happy Birthday dude..enjoy..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

10000 BC

Went to theater after a long time, we went as planned to "10,000 BC" even after some strong recommendations from few friends. We expected the worse but it was not bad...sentimental story

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Corridor Life..

Pillars give entirely different dimension of the building…one of the reasons for me to admire my college (SSN College) structures. I could promise we weren't pillars of SSN when we studied there. Symmetric white buildings with huge pillars and open corridor give you a great feeling when you walk around. But, the best part is the corridors.

Advantage in SSN no attendance for the first hour. So, we could stretch our legs right after our breakfast or after tiresome cricket play on the Basketball court, we would relax on the corridor. Lying on each other gives warning for the trespassers. We would not trouble anybody because they would ample space to crawl around us.

The best part was the Staff…awesome human beings understanding the student's mind boggling troubles and pain would walk around us and never tried to disturb us. Some would even occasionally pass on "rich comments" but we were open to critics. Every person should be positive for the critics to correct himself, we were lucky those critics as our staff.

Years moved on but still the corridors remain. Don't know if any past or future students as we used it... :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Finance Minister Chidabaram..Budget Matters...

Complete speech of Finance Minister...

It was good to read all the areas he covered. When we go up to one salary range, the tax slab will increases :)

"Kodai Ali Sengol Kudi Ombal Nangum
Udaiyanam Vendharkku Oli"

[Generous grants, compassion, righteous rule
and succour to the downtrodden
Are the hallmarks of good governance]

Writer Sujatha...Creative Intellectual...

One of my favorite person, modern visionary, Sujatha passed away two days back. This came as a shock, the simple reason, as I was not aware of it. Hari gave this surprise to me today.

His main aim was to make science understand by the common people. He could have restricted it in the labs as his classmate and another great scientist but he brought science to Tea Kadai. I have read his short stories..seen his dramas and enjoyed his movies..

As a fellow Triplicane vaasi, I had a pride that he was born in Triplicane...They could have been more harm for this person to live for some more time...But, he himself would have called it a in cricket retirement.."Retire when people ask why you retire rather when do you retire?"

Loss to the Creative World..