Thursday, March 13, 2008

World Richest Billionaires

In Top ten richest people, four people are Indians. Just thinking what it really does good to the country as a whole or for the people. If Mukesh and Anil assets are together (85 billion), Ambani group would be the number one in world. Forget one guy, who resides in UK, the rest of the guys accumulate to 115 billion dollars.

What can be done by these three guys money?

1. Can donate 11 dollar to every person in India? Making it the biggest and largest public distribution, 400 rupees to everyone is great achievement considering the fact that only 1/4 of the people can spent Rs.12.

2. Can spend twice the amount, the Indian government planned to spend in this Budget 2008.

3. The golden quadrilateral road project cost only 13 billion dollars so we could construct one circle, square and an octagon.

4. Cost of New Chennai International Airport is 25 billion so 4 world-class airport with 115 billion :-)

5. Basic medical Aids also needs its share.

To see in another side...

1. Can buy 460 Boeing 777 bus

2. Can buy out many of the Top IT companies.

3 Can buy more Bugatti Veyron cars to open new Taxi service.

Will keep adding it...


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