Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Corridor Life..

Pillars give entirely different dimension of the building…one of the reasons for me to admire my college (SSN College) structures. I could promise we weren't pillars of SSN when we studied there. Symmetric white buildings with huge pillars and open corridor give you a great feeling when you walk around. But, the best part is the corridors.

Advantage in SSN no attendance for the first hour. So, we could stretch our legs right after our breakfast or after tiresome cricket play on the Basketball court, we would relax on the corridor. Lying on each other gives warning for the trespassers. We would not trouble anybody because they would ample space to crawl around us.

The best part was the Staff…awesome human beings understanding the student's mind boggling troubles and pain would walk around us and never tried to disturb us. Some would even occasionally pass on "rich comments" but we were open to critics. Every person should be positive for the critics to correct himself, we were lucky those critics as our staff.

Years moved on but still the corridors remain. Don't know if any past or future students as we used it... :)


Archana said...

Hmm.. very true. Even we liked the corridors and the Big white pillars the most. But in the final year we were moved to a new building, But those Big pillars were missing in that. Cha.. those were really memorable days of life.

Beautiful Mind said...

Yeah..hope you people would have enjoyed as we did...did you happen to visit College lately?

Deepak said...

Beautiful Post :-))