Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Coming Friday - September 2rd...

Coming Friday three films may get released and all the movies are very much expected..

1. Totti Jaya

Very much expected movie after Simbhu's Manmadhan and for his get-up like his father...Heard no finger works by Simbhu and songs are also good. After some problem with the producer, this movie would set a benchmark for him. Most negative thing..Gopika..Lets see how she does..

Totti Taadiyoda..


2. Aa Aah

Like the name of the title..SJ Suryah had suffered a lot for this movies..Starting from the name of the itself..First it was B.F and later changed to this name
After the release dates and audio release was done, he got arrested for his previous film NEW.


Aa Aah - Valiyoda..

3. Ghajni

A movie which can be released with lot of energy and activeness could be Ghajni. Surya had done lot of homework. The expectations are high even the film is dubbed format of 'Memento'.


Ghajni - Ursagathoda..

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nice Picture...Nice Narration..in Tamil

Do not want to miss this out.. Written by my Colleague Guru

The Evolution of Consciousness

Got this while searching for Lord Krishna's Snap..

CIVILIZATION STARTS WITH THE CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL SIDE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, the evolution of consciousness. The true history of civilization is of those harbingers of evolution, the Prophets, who are actually making history possible. Except for the few rulers who have been benevolent, what we call history today is actually the history of crimes. Read it from that angle—who killed whom, who ruled over whom, who invaded whom. Those who fought wars, invaded or defended each other, are subsidiary, whether in the East or West is immaterial. Certainly Krishna, Rama, Buddha and other such figures existed before Western history was written. The epics are the actual history of mankind.
An American devotee once asked, “But don’t you think, Swamiji, that wherever the military has gone, civilization has grown?” It depends upon how you define civilization. From age to age the kings, emperors and philosophers have been influenced by the truly great ones, whether it was Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Rama or others. If you carry this back in time you will see that at the change of each age, it is the great ones who establish civilization of any kind, or make possible the next evolution. But because they are viewed as spiritual beings, holy men or women, messengers, we do not consider them to be historical figures—as if history is only created by politics and conquests.

That is where Krishna’s and Rama’s Incarnations are pertinent, because they were both kings and Prophets. The lives of the Prophets are living history, far beyond the kings and emperors of many nations whose names are hardly remembered. They came and went. It is the Prophets who start and end history, the evolutionary process. For each evolution or age the Prophets see what is needed, where we stand, what we can grasp, how to behave with us; which language, which actions, which feelings will carry us to the next evolution. They know what is not known to us: at what level our karmas would be exhausted by their play. They are finishing our karmas, trying to solve our problems, awakening us to evolve, to raise our Consciousness.
Prophets are born in human bodies, therefore part of their life is always human. It cannot be otherwise. If they were to just fly around and do all kinds of occultism, we would not be able to relate to them; there would be no link. Part of them has to be like us in order to communicate and relate to us. This, then, creates difficulties, skepticism—Why, if he was a Prophet, did he do (or not do) this? If Rama weeps for his abducted wife, some think he is behaving like an ordinary husband. However, the inner significance is entirely different. When Krishna weeps for Radha, it creates a history of its own, an example for coming generations and centuries. Krishna’s love was not a common relationship of lover and beloved. It showed what love should and could be—Divine. Radha was lost in love and devotion with her Lord; it was transcendent. Or when Krishna played at stealing the milkmaids’ butter and cream, those ladies loved it. He was stealing the butter—our soul, our spirit—the cream of life, meaning, symbolically: God captures our hearts and souls.

There are many aspects and incidents in each Prophet’s life that, if taken quite ordinarily, could be misunderstood. So it was with Jesus, Buddha, Rama and Krishna. Krishna’s life, however, is the most misunderstood and the greatest enigma; not only because of the variety of things he did, but also because his was the most perfect manifestation of Divinity. But in spite of that, after nearly five thousand years he still lives and grows in our consciousness. Why? It seems a contradiction but on a deeper level it is not. That is the only way it could be. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, the story of Krishna’s play on earth, the author, Vedavyas, wrote that if you truly want to understand Krishna, you have to be very, very pure.
Though he played a role that included violence, Krishna was truly Love Incarnate. Love was the basis of his character. Wisdom he had in full glory—he was Almighty, as he revealed his Universal Form to Arjuna. But Krishna fought only as a last resort; even in the Mahabharat war he did not fight. His expression and manifestation throughout life was love. He loved and protected the downtrodden, the simple people, honest lovers of God, devotees. He protected them against exploitation. He defended simplicity of heart. He could be simple with simple people. A story from his life illustrates this:
Sudama, a Brahmin boy, was one of Krishna’s best friends during their school days. He was a great devotee of Krishna. Eventually Krishna became King and built a golden kingdom on the western coast of India. Sudama was devout but very poor, married to a poor but noble wife; they had several children. When hard times came, there was no food and the children were on the verge of starvation, Sudama’s wife reminded him of Krishna. “He was your great friend in school and now he is King of Dwaraka. Why don’t you go to him and ask him to help us.” Sudama was reluctant to ask for money or food from Krishna; he did not want to spoil their loving friendship. But they were desperate, so Sudama finally agreed to go. But before leaving he told to his wife, “I can’t go empty-handed. I should take something, as an offering at least.” So she tied some puffed rice into a cloth—all that they had to eat—and tucked it into his waist, saying, “Offer him this.”
Sudama walked all the way from his village and after days reached the golden city. But once outside Krishna’s palace, he felt very shy and berated himself for coming. “I might have been his friend in school, but now he’s King and I am nobody. What merit have I to even meet him, let alone ask him for anything?” Sudama wrestled back and forth in his mind, but since he had traveled so far, he finally sent a message to Krishna that Sudama, his school friend, had come.
Krishna’s life history is an epic in itself, and within that, Sudama was, as if, a non-entity. But when his message reached Krishna, the Lord immediately came running to meet his friend. Sudama stood there in simple clothes and Krishna came and embraced him as if no time had passed between them. Sudama was amazed—Krishna, I am not worthy of this—but Krishna told him, “Don’t worry, you are my friend,” and took him inside the palace. Krishna’s queen, Rukmini, then came and together they washed Sudama’s feet. In those days in Bharat—even today in some homes—it was the custom to wash the feet of guests. They come on dusty roads, often without socks or even shoes.
Sudama was made to sit on a plush, velvet-covered seat and they fed him a sumptuous meal. Afterwards Krishna had Sudama sit by his side and inquired, “Tell me, what can I do for you, Sudama?” By that time Sudama was melting. He could not comprehend what he was seeing and experiencing, how Krishna could treat him so tenderly. He was very humbled, so much so that he forgot all about why he had come. He could not ask for anything. Meanwhile, Krishna asked Sudama, “Did you bring anything for me?” Now Sudama was so shy, so modest, he could not even respond. There he was in Krishna’s palace, being served on plates of silver and gold, and all he had brought was a handful of puffed rice! But Krishna knew everything. Sudama tried to say, “I didn’t bring anything,” but Krishna was clever. “You have brought one thing,” he said, and with his own hands caught hold of the bundle of puffed rice, opened it and began to eat it.
Sudama by that time was totally melted. Krishna asked him again, “What can I do for you? Just tell me.” But Sudama was shy and simply said, “I have your love and your friendship. That is more valuable to me than anything.” Krishna told him, however, “When you return home, your days will now be better.” And it is written that when Sudama returned home, where his simple hut had stood was a mansion, and his wife came to meet him bedecked in jewels and fine clothing.
Each Prophet played his role on Earth in his own way. But Krishna’s life is the perfection of Leela (God’s play), as God would be with all beings—whether virtuous or sinner, strong or weak, high or low, man or woman, rich or poor, talented or illiterate. His Incarnation is a flawless example of how the Creator deals with His creation in all respects. On whichever level of consciousness you exist, He meets you there. If He were to mechanically deal with everyone uniformly, it would have no meaning, nor would it benefit us.
Love is the only all-attractive reality and Krishna and love are synonymous. He stands by the simple-hearted people, the lowly, the downtrodden, to whom injustice has been done. He is a perfect lawgiver, a perfect lover, a perfect warrior and a perfect peacekeeper. To understand the significance of his life is very revealing. It is no small thing that he still lives after so many thousands of years. When we understand Krishna’s love, we will understand God’s love. Then everything else will be revealed.

Edited from Krishna—The Power of LoveAudio Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti
The Wisdom of Swami Amar Jyoti Krishna’s Love for SudamaSatsang of Prabhushri Swami Amar Jyoti© 2003 TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS

Many More Happy Returns of the Day.....

I love festivals. It is obvious, Festivals and Fun get along each other..Many of them are unique in their own style..own habits..own practices.. Today it is one of it kind..

Krishna Jayanthi.. Got remember the old days when I used to keep my legs :-)
believe me..when I was kid..and after some years..took nearby kid for the leg impression and later years..started to keep my hands for the leg STAMP.. And now we do not have to spare some time for the celebrations.

Coming home just to taste the Murukku, Seedai and Soondal...Everything was over by this time..Atleast thought of singing him the birthday song..

Happy Birthday to you !!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!
Happy Birthday to dear Krishna !!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!

Will wait for the next year for celebrations.. :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not an Experiment to Prove...

A discussion in orkut about "how we can prove someone that we love her/him???"


Love is definitely not an experiment to prove it..When we are going to prove something..we need to do some preparations..When we do some preparations.. then it is not our natural instincts.At any point of time, we may rather get attracted by someone. but everything is not love.

When you are in love with someone, each other can easily identify the relationship, the basic difference between ..Let it be from the Sweet Looks to the Naughty grins..These things comes naturally..and should be enjoyed as it comes..


Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was searching about the landmarks in Triplicane and google dutifully showed me the "Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt". This mutt is located near the Gangaikondan Mandapam. This is very famous and would jam packed on Thursday. I have heard that Super Star would also come to this temple previously.
When Google showed me the page, automatically i went to check what kind of information this site is giving. To my surprise, it does not have any information related to Raghavendra Mutt instead about a Church. http://srsmutt.tripod.com/

I really do not know why is it like this..

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lets write a Story..

A interesting group in Orkut.. "Lets write a story.." Found a thread in the forum and added my story in the below link..



Sunday, August 21, 2005

Aircel's - A Word A Day

Aircel had introduced a new feature... Receive the meaning of a Word.. It is very nice feature to be incorporated..Wonderful feature to be included in their service..

Would be very helpful for Students and Professionals. Nothing comes free in this world..They charge Rs.20 per month. if we opt for this feature.

To get the usage for the word, they would charge another Rs.3 for the message.

But, the Rs.20 would do for people like me. I can get to know about a word daily.

To opt for this plan, SMS "ENG YES" to 2277 and learn a word daily.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cancer is not my Sunsign...

Cancer is not my sunsign but I have been using this word a lot in last week. I really do not know I would utter this word this much times and search for his symptoms and signs.
Did not think I would have these many bad news in these three days..It was really too much for a
person of my kind..Friday, Saturday and Sunday..it had given me a break from regular life.
It is like someone throwed a stone on your fast moving car...I had to put a definite brake..It
did made me turn back..I was shocked though..

Friday was auspious day definitely not to die..But My friend did. He passed away by throat
cancer .
Saturday heard Mohan's father passed away by throat Cancer.
Sunday got a news that Sunitha is no more with us and Lung Cancer had taked her away.

But these things made me search for what would be symptoms of Cancer..Please a time to peep into this.

Our Class Yahoogroups..Itsece.

Our class normally does not share the happy news but nowadays we do not share any bad news too. It had improved from dumb, dumber and the dumbest. I went to peak level of deleting my yahoo groups.when most of us does not know our friend is no more and she was suffering for 2 years.

Its R.Karthik and me created this groups, thought the interaction would atleast increase after College days.. We discussed a lot about naming our groups and finally came to this name. Nothing got shared..Every news are like gossips, she got married..He stays in the State, She got a kid and he works in this company. Fine..its their life.

Mind got over my thoughts and put that break. And my groups does exist. But very very dumb though..

First and last visit to my friend's home...

Somethings shake you a bit, one such was my Class mate death.. She was unique in her way and she proved to be unique in her death too. she had lung cancer and was suffering for last two and half years. And was totally bed ridden for last three months.. I do not know what happened for last three years.

When I heard Lung Cancer, Immediately I got remembered of the Breathing problems she faced in our Second year tour. She suffered a lot and we sorted out with a local doctor's help. Something stuck me whether we missed out anything here. God Only knows..
She will be always be remembered when any of our Classmate sees the Linda Goodman's Book. This is for some obvious reasons though.

Anyway, Sunitha take care..you must be waiting for us..Only thing you would have reached faster than us. The ticket is confirmed for everyone but the mode of travel may vary.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Saturday Night in...

I called it a day and started walking to my home..it would be five kilometres..but some times..I do this lonely walk..I really enjoy it.

When I crossed Ispahani Center, something stuck me about Shyam. He called me around evening but could not talk to him..Busy with my work :-) believe me..Production Problem. Gave that call to check he is in the office. To my surprise he was there..

We planned to eat outside..I used to go out with friends to these Non-Veg restaurants even on Saturday..Immediately I suggested Anjappar which is just opposite to his office.We landed in and ordered for Dosai, Ceylon Parotta, Gobi 65 and Veg Chettinad Curry and told them about being Strictly Veg on Saturday...That includes Egg too..

We were chatting and I was explaining about the Insurance Plans..About the Data Storage happening in my industry..Films and about Alumni Meet ..

Almost we have completed our Chatting and the food..Then I realised untouched Gravy..My mind said do not waste the food..First time I realised the I/O speed was more than the Processor..My Hands reacted very quickly than the Mind..And the gravy in my plate..
Thought I would enjoy the two remaining parathas with the gravy..But I saw something very soft thing coming along with the gravy..Heart was praying..it should be Paneer..But..the reality always checkmates you.. It is mutton piece..God !! everything stopped for one second..I could not control my temper that moment...

Called for the supervisor who didnt take orders for us..Checked what it is..Coolly that guy said Mutton gravvy sir..I could not control any further of this..And informed the concerned Supervisor and the server..

Anjappar was my favourite outlet at any time..Today it was really bad experience for me..Prayed to Perumal about the mistake happened and said to him never will this happen..But he can only have the last laugh..

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Search ends here....

Don’t think I am promoting any search engines. In my case we do not need any search engine to search for. The result is very clear but the route to reach the destination may vary. Death..

What made to me write about it.. I felt, I am a workaholic (stay most in office :-) and do not spend much time to spend with my family or friends for quite few days. Life is cyclic routine but I enjoyed it. I really loved my work, engaging with my team and involving myself in their work. It was really great. Finally, My friend’s death asked me what's for I am missing all those relations. The bottom most thing is everything about Money. This guy 31 year old, having a 2 yr old kid, passed away because of Throat Cancer.

This Guy had been working for five years in my company and had a great trip to UK and USA. Now he was settling in Chennai. No one answer his mother's agony. While discharging the hospital he was carrying only two bed sheets with him. At a spark instance, thought earning this two would do for our life. I learned enjoy your earnings and do not keep earning money alone. Then, you would lose the thrill of earning money.

I had wondered a Gutkha owner bought a Mayback car worth five crores and presented to hi daughter.. Just to bring his daughter to the limelight and see her worthless smile..

There would be definitely another side for each topic but I do not want to involve in that.

How can I name it..

Hi Guys,

This may sound like Ilaiyaraaja's album, but this is very simple. When you could not find any name or the name you ask for is not available, this would be best way to name it. Here starts my "How can I name it".
Enjoy reading it and enter your comments.