Friday, August 05, 2005

The Search ends here....

Don’t think I am promoting any search engines. In my case we do not need any search engine to search for. The result is very clear but the route to reach the destination may vary. Death..

What made to me write about it.. I felt, I am a workaholic (stay most in office :-) and do not spend much time to spend with my family or friends for quite few days. Life is cyclic routine but I enjoyed it. I really loved my work, engaging with my team and involving myself in their work. It was really great. Finally, My friend’s death asked me what's for I am missing all those relations. The bottom most thing is everything about Money. This guy 31 year old, having a 2 yr old kid, passed away because of Throat Cancer.

This Guy had been working for five years in my company and had a great trip to UK and USA. Now he was settling in Chennai. No one answer his mother's agony. While discharging the hospital he was carrying only two bed sheets with him. At a spark instance, thought earning this two would do for our life. I learned enjoy your earnings and do not keep earning money alone. Then, you would lose the thrill of earning money.

I had wondered a Gutkha owner bought a Mayback car worth five crores and presented to hi daughter.. Just to bring his daughter to the limelight and see her worthless smile..

There would be definitely another side for each topic but I do not want to involve in that.


sathyus said...

u cud call this noisynut... or empty vessel..both wud be the same hehe...but jokes apart...imglad tosee u r back..plz do post regularly

Saravana Kumar said...

The second one is good sathya :P

Saravana Kumar said...

daii go to blog settings, under comments configure it to be commentable by everyone.