Monday, August 29, 2005

Coming Friday - September 2rd...

Coming Friday three films may get released and all the movies are very much expected..

1. Totti Jaya

Very much expected movie after Simbhu's Manmadhan and for his get-up like his father...Heard no finger works by Simbhu and songs are also good. After some problem with the producer, this movie would set a benchmark for him. Most negative thing..Gopika..Lets see how she does..

Totti Taadiyoda..

2. Aa Aah

Like the name of the title..SJ Suryah had suffered a lot for this movies..Starting from the name of the itself..First it was B.F and later changed to this name
After the release dates and audio release was done, he got arrested for his previous film NEW.

Aa Aah - Valiyoda..

3. Ghajni

A movie which can be released with lot of energy and activeness could be Ghajni. Surya had done lot of homework. The expectations are high even the film is dubbed format of 'Memento'.

Ghajni - Ursagathoda..

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