Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Our Class Yahoogroups..Itsece.

Our class normally does not share the happy news but nowadays we do not share any bad news too. It had improved from dumb, dumber and the dumbest. I went to peak level of deleting my yahoo groups.when most of us does not know our friend is no more and she was suffering for 2 years.

Its R.Karthik and me created this groups, thought the interaction would atleast increase after College days.. We discussed a lot about naming our groups and finally came to this name. Nothing got shared..Every news are like gossips, she got married..He stays in the State, She got a kid and he works in this company. Fine..its their life.

Mind got over my thoughts and put that break. And my groups does exist. But very very dumb though..

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Saravana Kumar said...

daii the other group dhoolguys is overflowing with activity da ... so why don't you guys make it the mainstream group.