Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cancer is not my Sunsign...

Cancer is not my sunsign but I have been using this word a lot in last week. I really do not know I would utter this word this much times and search for his symptoms and signs.
Did not think I would have these many bad news in these three days..It was really too much for a
person of my kind..Friday, Saturday and had given me a break from regular life.
It is like someone throwed a stone on your fast moving car...I had to put a definite brake..It
did made me turn back..I was shocked though..

Friday was auspious day definitely not to die..But My friend did. He passed away by throat
cancer .
Saturday heard Mohan's father passed away by throat Cancer.
Sunday got a news that Sunitha is no more with us and Lung Cancer had taked her away.

But these things made me search for what would be symptoms of Cancer..Please a time to peep into this.


Saravana Kumar said...

Its so sad abt these events da ... but life is like that ... no one can escape from death ... we all of us on the path of time towards death

Saravana Kumar said...

Naren is this an epidemic in the society da. I think this is a serious concern da machi. So many cases of throat cancer around us.

Environmental pollution is a major cause for these kind of disorders machi.

You see cancer cells are those that differ from the normal function of healthy cells, they stop doing the regular function and multiply rapidly.

Don't you see the same pattern in the society machan. I think the mentality of the society is bothering us in the form of disease.

Don't we have any solution for this ? I pray to GOD that there would be a good solution for the good and happiness of the entire society.

May everyone who read this pray God, take a pledge that we do good today, may we work selflessly without any low motives as money and sex.

God bless