Sunday, October 28, 2007

True Days..

We were 41 guys in my class, most of the time stick around each other..they were many memorable moments. We still stay in touch with each other and yahoogroups (dhoolguys) were active that sometimes you would miss the thread.
One of the best things we did , was starting a social trust among ourselves named Nivaran Social Service. (NSS). We contribute among ourselves and dont collect outside.
One of the sweetest thing we did, Srini designed a photo template with our college background and all our 41 guys photo in the photo frame. We have started this tradition of giving to the new couple along with the gift. See the picture..
One of the best mail threads we started, in our groups, we started with a mission of listing 500 best events in our college days and the response was really great.
Whats this post all about..I have decided to eleborate those days and log those moments before I forget..Going to tag.. College Days - Tasty Wine

I have posted the photo template mentioned as our sweet little thing..
PS: This is my 150th

Friday, October 26, 2007

Veetukku ponumma..Dress seriya pannathinga...

Check this out..semma koothuthan pongaa..

Are you sure IT’s proper dress?
Tech Mahindra has enforced a strict dress code for its employees. Employees found “inappropriately” dressed are being sent home to change

IT may no longer be a cool place to dress and work. Tech Mahindra, one of India’s top IT companies with its head office in Pune, has enforced a strict dress code for its employees. Employees found “inappropriately” dressed are being sent home to change. Over 23,000 professionals work at Tech Mahindra’s global network of 24 locations, including 11 development centres and 13 global sales offices. Employees would be given a warning for the first offence. In case the offence is repeated, the employee will be slapped with a penalty of Rs 1,000, the dress code says. The company will, however, allow exceptions in case of medical issues which prevent adherence to the code, but only temporarily and with approval from HR.

Source: The Times of India

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Microsoft buys 1.6 % in Facebook..

Facebook was good when comparedt to impressive thing about logs all your activities in the website and also about your friend's activities...Currently not much activity over there..

Most of the online companies have got their eyes on this social networking site. Microsoft 1.6% stake buy will be beneficial for them, lets see how they are going to utilize it.,1,4070352.story


Monday, October 22, 2007

Longest Day..

October 20th would be my longest day..okay..everyone have 24 hours..let me put it in other longest actively day..

It started with our Directions' 08 meeting on 19th evening. One thing, the best thing, I like about HCL, anyone can always stand up to your President and ask your question. I am not promising about the answers whether it would solve or not. After meeting, your manager walks by and clarify the same question. Turning 5 years, this I love in HCL.

Okay, after meeting it was Weekend Cards section went on till 3:00 pm. I went till the last round which was a record of sort. People who exited before me felt very bad not in losing but losing before my exit. ;-) But guys informed about Ayutha Pooja Pot luck next day.

I went to Prabhakar's house wishing him safe journey. Talking to him will rekindle one of my passion in career. I will let you all know after it works out. I wave and said will be back around 7:00 am to collect the house keys.

And came back to my room and found a movie "Good Luck Chuck". Same routine movie but okay to watch on Satuday night. And now it was 6:30 around. Thought I would take a quick shower for others :-)

But, slept for 2 hours and got up around 9:00 am. I need to rush to Mahesh's house for Sarawathi Pooja. I figured out it would another 1 hour for the pooja, so rushed back to my home to cook some dish for the pot luck.

Now, Vegetable biryani would be right option. After the masala fried vegetables are ready, got a call from Mahesh. Then, dropped off Biryani option and checked for Coconut which I had. Now, the Biryani was turned to Vegetable Kuruma after adding the Coconut milk with Sesame seeds to the Masala vegetable. It came out good.

Finished the prayers with Payasam. In the mean time, Checked our apartment office hall for Ram daughter's 2nd birthday celebration and conveyed same to him. Now, its time for temple.

It was quiet and pleasant in temple. Mahesh was kind enough and called for lunch. Super sappadu. Rushed to PotLuck with my vegetable kuruma, thought it would 8-9 people but turned out to be 25 around. The count matched with the number of dishes too.

Sakarai Pongal, Puli Satham, Sambhar Satham, Kuruma, Rice, Sambhar , Rasam, Kaara Kozhambu, Fried Brinjal, Vendakai, Carrot, Beans Poriyaal, Poori, Carrot Alwa, Gulaab Jamun, Bonda, Coconut Chutney, Appallam, Venkaya Vathaal

After 30 minutes of relaxation, Newton called for the 5:30 pm mass in his local Catholic church. Wise man he picked me up from my apartment and exactly reached for the mass. It was really good experience, probably because of the first time was so unique and different. I had a chance to talk and have Brazilian coffee together with the 50 year old couple.

Now come the climax of the day..Birthday party and bachelor party combined together..Shukla's birthday and Prashant's send was rocking party went till 3:30 am..I dont want get too much into it.

Directions'08 - Cards - Prabhakar 1032 - Movie - Apartment Office - Cooking - Pooja - Temple - Lunch - PotLuck - Church - Newton House - Shukla Birthday - Early morning home

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Someone got to believe this..

No Internet connection for 10 days..from October 5th to October 15th..It all started with transfer of the account name from our ex-room mate to my current room mate name. T hought it would be 2 days downtime but after 3rd day we were told the previous account name had a balance amount to be paid and we need to settle the due. Initially we were told the amount would come in next bill.

We waited for another 2 didnt work. After talking again on thursday, we were told Monday the connection would be restored.

Me: Can you put yourself in my shoes and think you are totally disconnected from the internet world?

CustCare: I totally understand the situation and my apology for the inconvenience caused.

Me: What am I going to do, we were 10 days out of internet connection?

CustCare: We could get this month's service for free and once again she was sorry for our situation.

Me: I was already in South Padre Island mood and with much reluctant, I accepted her idea.

Logging after 10 days seems to a long time. Luckily my palm was helpful in checking the mails but nothing much I could...It was little frustrating..good news was..I was able to survive.. :-)