Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Moring Note!!

After moving to Ambattur-4 division, I made sure I would reach the office by 9:00 am or before. When you swipe into the building, it would give a nice feeling to smell the chillness in air and enjoy the mild darkness. I love this environment. Suddenly you would feel no one around to see you. When you keep your first step, the mercury lights would flash and suddenly all the lights present on your path would glow. Each and every step you proceed, light would glow one by one. I would feel every one wishing “Good Morning” even you could see it is empty. I would giggle myself and wish Good Morning. Check this when you happen to reach early and no one around there.

And wish Good Morning to Sameer who sits next to me. Nice bloke to chat with who spends with LOMA in his morning hours.

Place my bag, thank God to start another day at office and proceed with work.

Shan's take on Schumi.

I dont follow Formula 1 and all my friends will talk about the Grand Prix. And morning canteen talk would be about the previous formula races. The below one was written my friend Shanawaz when Schumi is about the F1 scene and they was lots of news, sorrow and disappointment spreading around because of his retirement. And read the below, it would give a different perspective of the Schumi Character..

PS: My take on MS. He was good and even great, But the title of the 'greatest ever' deserves a better human being!
its true schumacher has achieved so much. I have absolutely no problems with his driving skills. He has been a fantastic driver. But in sport, numbers dont reveal the full story and says nothing abt the man.

1. 1994 Season finale, Schumacher and Hill both in contention for the championships, Schumacher makes a mistake, goes off track and once he realises Hill is gonna overtake, he attempts to hit hill and take him out, successfully. Both retire and schumi wins championships 1994.

2. 1997 season finale and exactly the same incident. Bcos he got away in 1994, schumi tries the same thing in the last race and hits villeneuve. He crashes out whereas villeneuve, luckily goes on to win the championships.
I know such tactics existed in F1, but if you call somebody the greatest ever, the greatest ever in other sports dont win by hook or crook. They win by establishing their genius. Mohammed Ali didnot bite anybody's ears and thats why Mike tyson cannot become a Mohammed Ali

3. Schumacher's pass on Barrichello in Monaco 2005 when both were out of contention and fighting for 7 th and 8 th places. He makes a very risky overtakin move in the lastlap and makes uncharitable remarks after the race alluding to 'I am not here racing for fun, this is serious stuff'. Mind you, was Rubens Barrichello racing for fun when he was leading the race in Austria 2002 and ordered to slow down to let schumi pass him. Team orders do exist, but why should we call him the greatest ever if he needs the help of team orders. Atleast Barrichello had the decency to keep his mouth shut after the race.

4. Monaco this year ofcourse. It was very amusing to see a man with 90 championship wins and many other glittering numbers lose control of his car in such a funny fashion. Lose control? Ya right!!! His car is intact and the hoarding is intact and he loses control!

5. Nothing sums things better than his reaction on the Imola podium in 1994. The race during which F1 lost another great driver, Ayrton Senna and another driver Roland Ratzenberger to tragic accidents. When the whole world was mourning, Schumi was pumping his fist after the race and was seen grinning on the podium. Yes his reaction was muted, but it was still disgraceful and disrespectful to the sentiments of others. Anyway grace is not what schumacher is known for,
FYI Senna was leading schumacher when he crashed

6. Jus to put things to perspective about compassion and emotions, this is how Senna reacted when a fellow driver crashed. HE parked his car in the middle of the track and rushed to help him. It was incredibly stupid thing to do bcos an oncoming car wud have killed him, but at that instant, his stupidity didnot matter to him. All that mattered was a fellow driver's life and well being.
Yes yes.. there are a few tears going around MS is leaving. I can never summon enough respect for the man alongside legends like Mohammed Ali, Pele, Jordan, Sampras, Agassi, Tiger woods et al. He lacked that human touch and thats why I see all those messages going around in orkut saying 'bye bye schumi', I wonder how many ppl are aware of history and I cant get myself to be bothered. People have got their own choices and I respect it. But as far as i am concerned, I am more excited abt Kimi's arrival at ferrari than MS leaving. See you Michael, Micheal who?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Places with "Thiru"..

Today Ravi and I had lunch together. I was planning to have it alone and watch some sports obviously cricket Sri Lanka and India. And Ravi joined me when I was searching a place to have my food. When we were discussing about my place Triplicane, Ravi asked me why most of the towns in Tamil Nadu starts with “T’?

One of the “Why” kind of questions which was never thought about. I said to him that could probably because most of the towns start with “Thiru” and which ever town has a “thiru” they should be a temple in that. I stated some examples to him “Thiruvallikeni”, “Thirimylai”, ”Thiruvotriyur”, “Thiruchirapalli”.

Ravi was spot on and asked me then what is the real name for Madurai. Hmm..I thought about couple of Goddess temples in Tamil Nadu. Madurai and Kanya Kumari and both the places do not have “Thiru” in it. Probably no Goddess temples carry “Thiru” or “Thirumathi” with them. Don’t know why?

Little Void..

After joining AMB-4, practically I have started to have lunch and coffee alone. I am dragged to like the kind of void or emptiness within myself. I don’t belong to anyone kind of feeling. It was nice and great when you don’t have any kind of pressure personally as well as professionally. Now, now you should understand why I am enjoying. I am all alone in the current project and not much work. I was not able to sit without keeping my mind busy at work. So, I gathered couple of books to boost my technical knowledge. :-)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Now, Head Weight is Mandatory..

TN Government has made it mandatory for all motorcycle commuters to wear helmets. I think this is first of its kind rule in our country. The Neurosurgeons have welcomed the decision and told this ruling should reduce the number of cases admitted due to head injuries. Really appreciate this ruling. We are losing at least a colleague every year due to head injuries and in all cases the person did not wear helmet.

And for me, it is time to buy a helmet J


Friday, February 09, 2007

My Current Readings..

The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand - I have heard lot of people talking about this book and after some search on net and stores in triplicane, I found this in my Office library (thats a cute little thing I would explain later). Gone through 100 pages of it, I am totally grabbed to it now. I could visualize the characters described in the book. Let me complete this, the due date is Feb 16th.

DB2 UDB Certification Exam 703 - I got this book exactly last year but did not even open the book, I need to travel back urgently. Now, here I am opened the book and planning to give the exam 23rd of this month. Wish me good luck guys..

My New Affair..

I am back to work and it’s been two weeks at office. My office has moved to Ambattur; I do like adventures and wanted to try out the Public transport. Luckily for me the bus starts from my place, if I could squeeze myself in and out I can grab a place even King Henry would not have had that satisfaction after grabbing his throne. It would be quite relaxing and entertaining an hour drive and another 200 foot will take to my office.

Men get easily bored of doing same thing. I wanted to try out the office bus thought at least traveling by office bus will bring the best discipline out of me.

I need to be there by 8:00 am at my bus stop and would start working from 9:00 am. Same would apply for travel back, start by 7:00 pm and taste my dinner by 8:30 pm. I love this; let me see how long this affair continues. :-)