Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Moring Note!!

After moving to Ambattur-4 division, I made sure I would reach the office by 9:00 am or before. When you swipe into the building, it would give a nice feeling to smell the chillness in air and enjoy the mild darkness. I love this environment. Suddenly you would feel no one around to see you. When you keep your first step, the mercury lights would flash and suddenly all the lights present on your path would glow. Each and every step you proceed, light would glow one by one. I would feel every one wishing “Good Morning” even you could see it is empty. I would giggle myself and wish Good Morning. Check this when you happen to reach early and no one around there.

And wish Good Morning to Sameer who sits next to me. Nice bloke to chat with who spends with LOMA in his morning hours.

Place my bag, thank God to start another day at office and proceed with work.

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