Friday, February 24, 2006

Got the Connection but not connected...

Last trip to my chicago, i did not got any mobile connection. And deepak and me would also fight for the phone after 9:00 pm. (deepak is my friend who stays in chicago and i sticked with him).
Last time, it was planned to be a month visit, so i wasnt planning to have the connection. But, i thought, i should have got one because the trip didnt go by plan and my stay went on for some time.

This time, I bought my Nokia from chennai and wanted get connected to the Mobile world. I dont want to argue about the pros and cons of having the mobile. I always see the positive side, :) I got my connection and will get into the mobile world this week end. Need to open my bank account.

Yesterday, we went to cingular for getting the pre paid stuff and ended up chatting with the gal over there. she was cool and pro business gal. She chatted a lot and went on knowing about our country. Isnt that awesome?

I am planning to go back to the shop sometime later. She told about the referral program, she is pakka business rite. But, no one losing anything here.

When we turned back, someone commented thats a long time for a connection. She giggled :)

Got the connection but not connected?

Pen Pal..

How about having a Pen Pal..Dont think this is not something new, i thought about. i always loved to have one but was little afraid about exchanging letters. What would you expect from a person bought up from a typical South Indian Conservative family.. I didnt have any pen friends.

I would always peep into the pen friends list and watch about the person. I would do only that, nothing more than that. And why should you come up with the blog?

I saw a Pen Pal program at my client's location. Just checked more details about that but its for local residents. I didnt dared to think about it again after reading the rules and regulations mentioned to be part of the program. But it helps to interact with the school students who need some kind of positive words. The program should be well appreciated.

And the second thing, Two days back I saw a movie "You've gota mail", I know this is old movie. It was really nice to exchange your thoughts when both of your identities is not disclosed. You have that extra freedom and words, Write what you wanted and exchange. this way, they shouldnt be any problem.

When you try write or talk to your friends, you may not be able to convey everything and anything. But, to few we may but we cannot tell them, how you enjoyed your morning coffee. And how you enjoyed talking to the gal who is a common friend, lot of things goes like this.

The best thing is, you can discuss about anything and then if you happen to forgot or dont want to continue, you can do that. Next day, you may end up meeting with the same person and it start fresh.

Let see how it goes..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So..How was my first day..

This cannot happen in one day..

1. Woke up early mornin:g 4:40 am when wanted to get up around 6:00 am and lying down on the bed for another 30 minutes because you dont want to wake anymone and switch on the lights, obviously my friends are sleeping.

2. Early morning hunger, dont know what to do?

3. Got access card on the day one but did not get the user id, so was sitting idle for the whole day reading documents. God I cant do this..This is after a long time..

4. I dont what to answer when one of the client said, welcome to the Java world and to his team. Java ??!!?? I dont know what to answer, I wanted to tell, I am a pure mainframe guy..i need to start from the "Hello World" in Java. But, my manager came to rescue and said he would be billing 50% in this project and another is my stronghold side. Huppps... GSM ( God Save Me)

5. I was totally tired and dumb. Suddenly came a news to attend the orientation class at 6:15 and it went till 7:30..dei dei adanguda..

I dont know..and pray to god this should not be like this..


Sunday, February 19, 2006

First Day in San Antonio..

Thanks to Maheswar and Kannan who came to Airport to pick me up. Made phone calls to my home. Also to my friends in Chicago with whom I stayed for more than 2 months. (tolerated me, literally)

Rightnow, Staying with my friend. This residential community has around 350 families and heard from him around 300 families are from India. He also informed the client place is the second large campus in US. Luckily he had booked one apartment in the same apartments and would occupy the apartment from March 2rd. Got to set the apartment and waiting for my room mate who will join me this Monday. This is just opposite to the work place and it would be great walking to office daily.

And now, I met 9 guys whom I know and spend some time chatting and watching movies.

Got one more day to take complete rest :-)

Namitha in Saree - The Other side of her..Pictures

She is awesome in Black Saree. She is very beautiful and best among the heroines in this event. Asin and Sandhya cannot match with her. Atleast Asin has the name and performance behind her which is the only point ahead of Namita. But..Where Sandhya stands..Need to find out.

Check out the below pictures..


Travelling to San Antonio

Lot of confusions are happening around me. I thought, I was settling in the new project under Unni. I started to learn few things about DB2. :-)

Now, I am into different project in San Antonio. Started to San Antonio yesterday and reached today. All the process started on Monday and everything confirmed on Wednesday night. Had one day to do all the paper works.

Staying with Friends rightnow, should move to apartment next month and get a phone connection.

Will update..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Men always have better friends...

Men always have better friends...They will stand by you, no matter what....!!!

Friends of Women: A wife was not at home for a whole night. So she tells her husband, the very next morning, that she stayed at her (girl) friend's apartment overnight. So the husband calls 10 of her best (girl) friends and none of them confirm that she was with them.

Friends of Men: A husband was not at home for a whole night. So he tells his wife the very next morning, that he stayed at his friend's apartment over night. So the wife calls 10 of his best friends and 5 of them confirm that he stayed at their apartments that night and another 5 are claiming that he is still with them!!

Really enjoyed it..Ha Ha Ha..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Short Love Story..

Our Hero saw the gal in the bus stop. He proposed to her. She refused. Both lived happily ever after.

Got this in a forward.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Indians in News Stands - Warrior and Mittal

Image from

One side, Warrior, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola, accepted the 2004 National Medal of Technology Award from President George W Bush on behalf of her company

Warrior said while giving her the medal at the awards ceremony and also preceding the ceremony "he (President Bush) talked quite a lot to me and asked me if I was from India and I said, 'Yes, I came to the US on a student visa to go to graduate school and then stayed here.' And he said 'we need more people like you. We need more talented people from around the world to come and contribute and help our economy grow and build our innovative strengths to be competitive.'"

European governments opposing a bid by Mittal Steel for European steel maker Arcelor. Not only did Arcelor's boss, Guy Dolle, say Mittal wasn't 'one of us' and that he 'didn't share their values'. He said Mittal wants to buy Arcelor with 'monnaie de singe' which could mean 'funny money' but literally translates into 'monkey money'.

The problem as Joel Ruet put it, is "that Lakshmi Mittal is Indian, and that India was more reassuring when it was not a new emerging power, equipped with multinationals on the march."

Dhoni's Hairdo: Musharraf Nod

Dhoni blasted 72 off just 46 balls to give India a win. Now India goes to Lahore with 2-1 lead.

Center of attraction is about Dhoni's Hairdo...check this link about Musharraf's comments


Google's Design for Winter Olympics..

When checked this image, thought a lady was sitting keeping one hand on her head. Isn't guys?
But it's the other way in the home page. Check out guys..

Monday, February 13, 2006


Its been more than 3 years in HCL Tech. Everyone ask me why you stay in the same company. i would ask why not, I don't know why but I stick to the same brand.

2 months of training-only enjoyment,3 months worked for the tools group initally, 3-month project in AG, solid more than 2 years 6 months in Chase Insurance, 2 months for Conseco in Chicago and currently 1 month in USAA. Totally my life revolved around Insurance sector.

February 1st, I was called by my Senior Project Manager and informed my Business manager wanted to meet me. I reached Ambattur to report for my new project and got to return back to Nungambakkam again.

Met him and to my surprise, he gave me Promotion letter. I have been promoted.

Thats me - Narendran, After Completing 5 Km in Chennai Marathon. Posted by Picasa

Dared to Do..

Everyone thinks, I can easily move with gals let it be known or unknown ones. I do agree I would easily get along with gals known to me but not with unknown genre. I have huge respect for gals and for their time. (does it sounds Political J ) Last Sunday was a different moment.

We guys went to Pondicherry (01/29/06) to play Cricket (don’t laugh, we are not the guys who enjoy the best in Pondy). We went to Sunnambar (backwaters area) and landed near the sea. We started playing Cricket and we found three cool gals spending their time in waters. Isn’t it good to watch Sun, Sand, and Sea with Gals?

My team was batting and I just walked around the shore. I was taking snaps from the long shots of cricket. Relaxed on the wet sand and watching the cricket. Suddenly I stood up and went near them. I asked them to take a snap with the cricket backdrop. One gal willing got up and took the snap. I felt my digital camera is worth for 280 dollars.

This was nothing for many folks but when I went near my friends. Then I realized these guys weren’t playing cricket, watching me instead. Thanks to JK for pointing this to rest of the folks.
Good thing, I didn’t get any beatings.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brand Building at Davos: 'India Everywhere'

This article was good and says about how India projected itself in the World Economic Forum. Also shows what could be effort when the industry and the government work together. But, the biggest challenge as mentioned in the article, “They say that while India's campaign at Davos was both impressive and effective, the country must now walk the talk with infrastructure improvements and free up policy and procedural bottlenecks. If that fails to happen, its credibility could be at risk.” Are people marketed the Brand “India Everywhere” are hearing this?
The only thing was the India's Map in the article. Pok is not part of India. This could have been avoided.

Article link

Thoughts of celebrities about Davos Meet

Does really Blogs, Mobiles cause problems..

Does really Blogs, Mobiles cause problems, Yes, they do. We can try to reduce the level down the scale but we cannot stop it. This news is one of it kind.
I was surprised and do not how to react to this news. How could message to a mobile phone can become a social problem?


Tamil Nadu - Asian Region of the Future

This one was really cool..FDI Magazine had rated Tamil Nadu, India as the Asian Region of the Future and the runner up is New South Wales, Australia.

The winners and runner up for other categories are

Winner: Hong Kong
Runner up: Sydney

Winners: Seoul/Macao (tie)

Winner: Chugoku, Japan
Runners up: Cambodia/Thailand (tie)

Hats off Guys..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is it Worth a Wait ???

Today I asked this question when I was fixed in one place for more than a three hours.

Few things are really worth a wait..Standing in a queue for your favorite star's movie, for a Cricket Match, Getting Prasadam in a Temple, Getting two buckets of Water from Metro Water Tank, the recognition at an unexpected moment, for a true love or even for a look from your favorite person.

Shan and me entered to a college in Kodambakkam. Shan has to attend the Infosys exam. I know he attended not just for fun but to check his market value in India. :-) He had a cool offer Telestra that time and it was his dream job after completing his MS in Melbourne.
After completing the test, we were waiting for the results and it was supposed to announced by 3:00 pm.

It was a dry day and it was totally dry inside the college even more than 50 % are gals.
Shan and me are chatting about good old days and checked our watch it was 4:00. No one informed when the results would be announced and all the 1000 candidates are waiting. We just went out to cool off with Maaza. I could not control my temper how could a company calling themselves as Best Employer for three consecutive years make wait 1000 odd candidates without informing status. At least everyone wanted to know the time, when the results would be announced. Think about the parents waiting along with the candidates.

I could not control myself and blocked the car, which went inside with the recruiters. And they dutifully told it would take 1 hour. would be 5:30 pm. Then, we went out to have Tea.

I do agree they have the best recruitment practices in the industry. But what for.. Think of this situation..Today I called 1000 candidates for a written test. I have started the test by 10:00 am and completed it by 12:00. I am supposed to release the results at 3:00 pm. But I have not done that till 5:51 pm. I have short listed 120 candidates and announced the results at 5:52 pm.

Think about a situation, you are fresher waiting for a entry, took the test for 2 hours, waited for 6 hours to get the results and another 30 minutes to get into the crowd to check the notice board. Now what will happen to the energy level wasted by the rest 880 odd candidates for around 6 hours. Remember these are positive energy being wasted which can be used in more constructive way.

Why cant their make the results online. So that candidates can check from their home. The only best thing happened here, Shan was short-listed.

I wrote this long time back but did not uploaded. The situation holds good even now.