Sunday, February 19, 2006

First Day in San Antonio..

Thanks to Maheswar and Kannan who came to Airport to pick me up. Made phone calls to my home. Also to my friends in Chicago with whom I stayed for more than 2 months. (tolerated me, literally)

Rightnow, Staying with my friend. This residential community has around 350 families and heard from him around 300 families are from India. He also informed the client place is the second large campus in US. Luckily he had booked one apartment in the same apartments and would occupy the apartment from March 2rd. Got to set the apartment and waiting for my room mate who will join me this Monday. This is just opposite to the work place and it would be great walking to office daily.

And now, I met 9 guys whom I know and spend some time chatting and watching movies.

Got one more day to take complete rest :-)


senthil natarajan said...

awesome dude! me2 jes getting settled... catch u soon da.

shan said...

hullo hullo contact no please

TamilPonnu said...

where did u move from?

Beautiful Mind said...

@ senthil, cool da senthil. whom you are staying with..

Beautiful Mind said...

@tamil - from chennai..