Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Indians in News Stands - Warrior and Mittal

Image from rediff.com

One side, Warrior, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola, accepted the 2004 National Medal of Technology Award from President George W Bush on behalf of her company

Warrior said while giving her the medal at the awards ceremony and also preceding the ceremony "he (President Bush) talked quite a lot to me and asked me if I was from India and I said, 'Yes, I came to the US on a student visa to go to graduate school and then stayed here.' And he said 'we need more people like you. We need more talented people from around the world to come and contribute and help our economy grow and build our innovative strengths to be competitive.'"


European governments opposing a bid by Mittal Steel for European steel maker Arcelor. Not only did Arcelor's boss, Guy Dolle, say Mittal wasn't 'one of us' and that he 'didn't share their values'. He said Mittal wants to buy Arcelor with 'monnaie de singe' which could mean 'funny money' but literally translates into 'monkey money'.

The problem as Joel Ruet put it, is "that Lakshmi Mittal is Indian, and that India was more reassuring when it was not a new emerging power, equipped with multinationals on the march."


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