Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So..How was my first day..

This cannot happen in one day..

1. Woke up early mornin:g 4:40 am when wanted to get up around 6:00 am and lying down on the bed for another 30 minutes because you dont want to wake anymone and switch on the lights, obviously my friends are sleeping.

2. Early morning hunger, dont know what to do?

3. Got access card on the day one but did not get the user id, so was sitting idle for the whole day reading documents. God I cant do this..This is after a long time..

4. I dont what to answer when one of the client said, welcome to the Java world and to his team. Java ??!!?? I dont know what to answer, I wanted to tell, I am a pure mainframe guy..i need to start from the "Hello World" in Java. But, my manager came to rescue and said he would be billing 50% in this project and another is my stronghold side. Huppps... GSM ( God Save Me)

5. I was totally tired and dumb. Suddenly came a news to attend the orientation class at 6:15 and it went till 7:30..dei dei adanguda..

I dont know..and pray to god this should not be like this..



neighbour said...

ingayum adhae kodumai thaan.. but for me I got the access card after one week, but on the very first day client gave his UID and Pwd and asked me to work on the system..
onnum velangalai...

I read all you blogs and its damn good..

senthil natarajan said...

work started day1 and in just 20 mins into office i was with PC banging my head... all i can say is
"welcome to the club"

sathyus said...

welcome to US of A!

Beautiful Mind said...

@neighbout - First day thats little too much for everyone. I was sleeping a lot.
Thanks for peeping into my blog

Beautiful Mind said...

@senthil, have u started working. anyway thanks for the invitation

@sathya, thank you Satya. I suppose it should welcome again.

Jagan said...

travelling and and having fun ah ? soi dude ;-)

TamilPonnu said...

I welcome u to my country.. :)

have fun!!!