Friday, February 24, 2006

Got the Connection but not connected...

Last trip to my chicago, i did not got any mobile connection. And deepak and me would also fight for the phone after 9:00 pm. (deepak is my friend who stays in chicago and i sticked with him).
Last time, it was planned to be a month visit, so i wasnt planning to have the connection. But, i thought, i should have got one because the trip didnt go by plan and my stay went on for some time.

This time, I bought my Nokia from chennai and wanted get connected to the Mobile world. I dont want to argue about the pros and cons of having the mobile. I always see the positive side, :) I got my connection and will get into the mobile world this week end. Need to open my bank account.

Yesterday, we went to cingular for getting the pre paid stuff and ended up chatting with the gal over there. she was cool and pro business gal. She chatted a lot and went on knowing about our country. Isnt that awesome?

I am planning to go back to the shop sometime later. She told about the referral program, she is pakka business rite. But, no one losing anything here.

When we turned back, someone commented thats a long time for a connection. She giggled :)

Got the connection but not connected?


Ghost Particle said...

i see potential here...maybe the connections already been made!

senthil natarajan said...

u taking a prepaid.... whats the deal da?

Beautiful Mind said...

GP: nothing happened, i think i need some of your Ghost blessings in disguise.