Thursday, December 20, 2007

Common Interest..

A feature in orkut let you know the updates made by your friends in last 24 hours...and I found this video been updated by five people in their orkut videos...nice clipping..good to watch..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eyes Talk..

I saw a gal clearing off her tears..accidently I happen to look her always..instantly my eyes felt as though soaked in my favorite Michigan lake.. I could feel the moistness quickly. Lucky that she passed so fast..

Did anyone said Eyes can't talk? Eyes are sensitive and if it talks, its gonna be sensitive talk..I felt that moment..Personally I hate to watch anyone crying...let it be feelings outburst..

I have even laughed once, totally different of me, when a gal was emotionally shouting at a guy "Mudiyuma mudiyathada..Sollu". I couldnt control my pitiful smile on that guy to get busted in a cafeteria. Oh! my God...Isnt she daring? not bothered about the ambience and letting out her dew drops..

I have read once in my calendar..

"Azhara aampalayum Sirikara ponnagalayum nammba kodathu" (Dont believe guys who cry and gals who laugh) So we need not dwell too much if a gal cries..Pathetic [:(]

Monday, December 10, 2007

Current Readings..

Thanks for this habit...Nowadays I have started to carry books all around..I was happy to found one of my customer maintaining a book shelf and suggested to read Vince Flynn books. He is more interested in medical mysteries and he suggested this book about intelligence. Just started this one and hope it goes well..

My previous readings in last two months..

Jeffery Deaver's "The vanished man" - Great read and so good..

Paulo Coelho's The Alchecmist - Too much into it and good read

Khaled's The Kite runner - well written, thought author's true emotions..very good one..