Sunday, December 13, 2009

Microwave Coffee...

1. Milk --> Microwave 2mins --> Bru Instant coffee powder --> Sugar


2. Milk --> Bru Instant coffee Powder --> Sugar --> Microwave 2mins

Both sucks, now coffee turned out to be "good to have hot drink" along with the "Butter" Biscuits from local Mediterranean shop.

I could smell the filter coffee...I Love Triplicane...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cricinfo's Stories....

Content is so important and the one-liner is so important to surround a big story. I always love the articles with stats and Sports is all about numbers.

Cricinfo is good in their thought process and converts many one-liners into great stories. Cricket lovers would love to read all the surrounding facts for the one-liner.

How long India can hold the No.1 spot? From Cricinfo's Story

"India's immediate threat is South Africa, but they will have to beat England by a 2-0 margin or better to reclaim the No. 1 spot. A 2-0 or 3-1 victory for South Africa will take them marginally ahead of India, 3-0 will given them 126 points, and 4-0 will extend their lead over India by three. However, if England win 1-0 or 2-1, South Africa's tally will reduce to 117, increasing India's lead by seven points.

If South Africa fail to recapture the top spot against England, India's reign will receive an extension because even if Australia blank Pakistan 3-0 at home, following a 3-0 win against West Indies, their ratings points will increase only by three to 119. They will then need to beat Pakistan in England - an away series for Australia -to move up the ladder. "

It throws a different proposition to the readers and try themselves drawing a calendar but end up searching Cricinfo for the future tour roster.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Special Week End...

Wow..I never had so much planned for any week end. This week end, we have so much things to do or events happening around.

Randolph Air Show 2009

I have been here in San Antonio, every year somehow managed successfully to miss the Air Show...Hope I make it this time...

WurstFest 2009

Last year, we had really big gang of guys to hang out and desginated drivers to enjoy this Beer Fest.

Food, Beer and hang out where you can supposedly taste or drink all brands of Beer. I don't think I will be going this year.

Malic Gem Show 2009

This is more of Gem, Mineral and Jewelry show...I am not interested in this but some of my friends would be...

And we are all planning to hit the Mexican restaurant for the Karaoke, could celebrate Antoneita's Birthday.

And we do have Selva's Birthday Bash midnight.

And I am going to play morning cricket which I missed for last couple of weeks.

I will update what I did actually but I am excited to have this much to-do list other than my work. :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Diwali Celebrations...

We had a great Deepavali celebrations in our customer office, huge one. It is rather Indian Cultural celebrations, projected India's North, South, East and West regions, folk dances from different parts, regular mehendi stalls and Bindis, bangles are give aways.

People who attended are so excited and always wonder about India. I was involved in putting the North Region stall displaying the places to visit, monuments, food, dress, dance, music and wedding. Why am I picked North, because South had more volunteers. And I wanted to learn about North and I learnt a lot.

We all felt like exams are over because too much of craft work, chart, banners, decorations and finally we felt nothing to do.

Another interesting thing for Deepavali celebrations, Tamil, Kannanda, Telugu and Indian Association had separate celebrations. And on top, City of San Antonio bursted fireworks for the first time and Mayor did a speech for Deepavali.

I always waited for the 2 days to come so that I could do fireworks. But, this time I felt too much celebrations without parents, sweets, new dress, fireworks. Then what the heck was this for...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Which one is best...

The below video from SNL beats the President's video message. And most of you would agree to it...SNL rocks..

SNL Video...

Obama's Diwali Message


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleepy..Not Totally Weird..

I could say that I am blessed when it comes to sleep. I can sleep where ever or whenever I want to but I cannot sleep for more than 6 - 7 hours. Ok!! they are few exceptions 8 - 10 hour sleep if I didn't rest myself for more than 20 hours. My Gene DEC2 problem nothing I can do.

I can be dead like for hours on the couch. I cannot sleep with my eyes open, I tried during my work hours but couldn't succeed. Believe me..

Which part could be the weird one? I keep my laptop beside me, on my lap or alongside and rest myself. This had happened more than once, You would see a happy man with full enthusiasm chatting with you from other part of the world and suddenly black out like power failure. I can go from Sleep Stage N1 to Stage N3.

My room mates had made fun of me, taken pictures in different weirdo positions and me lying around different parts of the apartment. Definitely not Drunk...I don't drink.

Sorry to all if I geared up fully and all of a sudden shut down, it will be because of my sleep cells.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Bet...

Murali and I have got a bet which everyone would have sometime. Weight Loss and the D-Day would be November 15th and we decided to transact with money.

We have already formed alliances to bring down each other's efforts though not constructive but some serious plans are going on.

I am cautious on food, dammnit ok I am really food lover, I love to cook, eat and taste different cuisines... It's gonna be tough if we don't control the food.

I have heard three of friends with no connections have taken marathon to bring back to shape. I think I am in need of partner...Will update on November 15th...

Reason to Acknowledge

Does Men always wanted to justify their actions? Always trying to hide their emotions and show off their analytical calculations in arriving a decision.

Professional side, We always try this to way beyond extent. We want to get it right any time.

Do you think, this will sell when it comes to personal life? Nah, personalities around us will know it, we are fooling around... Men to Men is okay, both are egoists avoiding each other pride falling down. But when it come to Women, it just take a Sorry to put all your things back in track.

Be careful when you use it, Women knows when you really mean it.

Kick Start...

Something rare needed for me to update my blog and I believe waking up 5 am is really rare sign. And also made me to realise how my blog was updated for a while.

So many things are happening, I went back to India for 2 months, started watching TV shows, playing cricket and Tennis, reorgs in the work. If we need to list out, we find so many reasons for not updating, let me kick start again...

And I am thinking to blog lot about my travel experience in US but when it comes to Finances credit-debit calculations, damn why I like Geography.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Management in Car - Women are the best...

What can be done during a 2 mins signal stop light?

Guys would,

possibly gaze around,

peek through the next door cars,

pull around the person seated inside the car,

change the CD or tune to different radios,

discuss different car models,

Complain the stoplight delay..

She can,

do a quick coat with her powder

do the eye shade

quick on eye lashes

layer of lip stick

check the lights and the mirror...

This is from real experiences, definitely I was gazing over the car beside me..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Airports visited in US...

I have put the Airports visited on the Google Maps...curiosity to mark all the Airports made me to add even the stopovers...I should be lucky enough to visit these much...

29 Airports 18 States in 3 years...

This was only the Airports, many more cities visited by road...Yes, will create another Maps mentioning the road trips taken...

View Airports Visited in a larger map

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Post...this Year 2009...My Parents trip...Vote of Thanks...

#1 My parents visiting me and was roaming around different places in 3 months. I was constantly hooked into travel websites, travel deals, ticket deals, hotels and car rentals. I can still bet I can find better deals when it comes to travel in US.  

Guys, I would say the road trip with my parents from New Jersey to Washington DC and Phoenix to Las Vegas via Grand Canyon ;) were the best. You won't realise you have so much to talk for long hours with your parents. It's quite a different feeling. I would ask anyone to take this trip anywhere.

I should thank my friends who have accomodated my parents and I for those three months.

Maheshwer ( Yengal Anna Vijayakanth)
Gulam ( Vanathai pola Livingston)
Vivek Krishna 

Special thanks for Shriram Kannan (the best in my all time fame), Shyam (travelling with me to Niagara), Bharath & Bhargavi (for taking them as their parents), Newton ( for arranging Rockford beach house), Raj Prabhu (for travelling with me to Vegas, he owe me a lot for showing the bite of Vegas), Gulam (travelling with me to Orlando), Chandra & Kalpana for helping out in Houston and Rajeshnath (my understanding boss)

San Antonio,TX
Corpus Christi,TX
New York,NY
Washington DC
Niagara Falls, NY
Grand Canyon,AZ
Las Vegas,NV