Saturday, November 07, 2009

Special Week End...

Wow..I never had so much planned for any week end. This week end, we have so much things to do or events happening around.

Randolph Air Show 2009

I have been here in San Antonio, every year somehow managed successfully to miss the Air Show...Hope I make it this time...

WurstFest 2009

Last year, we had really big gang of guys to hang out and desginated drivers to enjoy this Beer Fest.

Food, Beer and hang out where you can supposedly taste or drink all brands of Beer. I don't think I will be going this year.

Malic Gem Show 2009

This is more of Gem, Mineral and Jewelry show...I am not interested in this but some of my friends would be...

And we are all planning to hit the Mexican restaurant for the Karaoke, could celebrate Antoneita's Birthday.

And we do have Selva's Birthday Bash midnight.

And I am going to play morning cricket which I missed for last couple of weeks.

I will update what I did actually but I am excited to have this much to-do list other than my work. :)

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