Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Management in Car - Women are the best...

What can be done during a 2 mins signal stop light?

Guys would,

possibly gaze around,

peek through the next door cars,

pull around the person seated inside the car,

change the CD or tune to different radios,

discuss different car models,

Complain the stoplight delay..

She can,

do a quick coat with her powder

do the eye shade

quick on eye lashes

layer of lip stick

check the lights and the mirror...

This is from real experiences, definitely I was gazing over the car beside me..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Airports visited in US...

I have put the Airports visited on the Google Maps...curiosity to mark all the Airports made me to add even the stopovers...I should be lucky enough to visit these much...

29 Airports 18 States in 3 years...

This was only the Airports, many more cities visited by road...Yes, will create another Maps mentioning the road trips taken...

View Airports Visited in a larger map