Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Which one is best...

The below video from SNL beats the President's video message. And most of you would agree to it...SNL rocks..

SNL Video...

Obama's Diwali Message


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleepy..Not Totally Weird..

I could say that I am blessed when it comes to sleep. I can sleep where ever or whenever I want to but I cannot sleep for more than 6 - 7 hours. Ok!! they are few exceptions 8 - 10 hour sleep if I didn't rest myself for more than 20 hours. My Gene DEC2 problem nothing I can do.

I can be dead like for hours on the couch. I cannot sleep with my eyes open, I tried during my work hours but couldn't succeed. Believe me..

Which part could be the weird one? I keep my laptop beside me, on my lap or alongside and rest myself. This had happened more than once, You would see a happy man with full enthusiasm chatting with you from other part of the world and suddenly black out like power failure. I can go from Sleep Stage N1 to Stage N3.

My room mates had made fun of me, taken pictures in different weirdo positions and me lying around different parts of the apartment. Definitely not Drunk...I don't drink.

Sorry to all if I geared up fully and all of a sudden shut down, it will be because of my sleep cells.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Bet...

Murali and I have got a bet which everyone would have sometime. Weight Loss and the D-Day would be November 15th and we decided to transact with money.

We have already formed alliances to bring down each other's efforts though not constructive but some serious plans are going on.

I am cautious on food, dammnit ok I am really food lover, I love to cook, eat and taste different cuisines... It's gonna be tough if we don't control the food.

I have heard three of friends with no connections have taken marathon to bring back to shape. I think I am in need of partner...Will update on November 15th...

Reason to Acknowledge

Does Men always wanted to justify their actions? Always trying to hide their emotions and show off their analytical calculations in arriving a decision.

Professional side, We always try this to way beyond extent. We want to get it right any time.

Do you think, this will sell when it comes to personal life? Nah, personalities around us will know it, we are fooling around... Men to Men is okay, both are egoists avoiding each other pride falling down. But when it come to Women, it just take a Sorry to put all your things back in track.

Be careful when you use it, Women knows when you really mean it.

Kick Start...

Something rare needed for me to update my blog and I believe waking up 5 am is really rare sign. And also made me to realise how my blog was updated for a while.

So many things are happening, I went back to India for 2 months, started watching TV shows, playing cricket and Tennis, reorgs in the work. If we need to list out, we find so many reasons for not updating, let me kick start again...

And I am thinking to blog lot about my travel experience in US but when it comes to Finances credit-debit calculations, damn why I like Geography.