Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleepy..Not Totally Weird..

I could say that I am blessed when it comes to sleep. I can sleep where ever or whenever I want to but I cannot sleep for more than 6 - 7 hours. Ok!! they are few exceptions 8 - 10 hour sleep if I didn't rest myself for more than 20 hours. My Gene DEC2 problem nothing I can do.

I can be dead like for hours on the couch. I cannot sleep with my eyes open, I tried during my work hours but couldn't succeed. Believe me..

Which part could be the weird one? I keep my laptop beside me, on my lap or alongside and rest myself. This had happened more than once, You would see a happy man with full enthusiasm chatting with you from other part of the world and suddenly black out like power failure. I can go from Sleep Stage N1 to Stage N3.

My room mates had made fun of me, taken pictures in different weirdo positions and me lying around different parts of the apartment. Definitely not Drunk...I don't drink.

Sorry to all if I geared up fully and all of a sudden shut down, it will be because of my sleep cells.

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