Friday, August 31, 2007

Game in College Life..

Yesterday, we watched a movie "Superbad" a school teen comedy, it was quite funny. But, this is not about the movie. I was reminded few games played in my college life during class sessions. Nothing can beat it..

Okay..the game goes like this..its simple..the Mam / Sir would be taking Class on the stage, turning back..passing of the ball shaped paper or handkerchief would continue until the lecturer turns back. And who ever having the paper with them, should definitely stand up and ask a question. Basically should ask a question and move on so that we continue our game.

It would be so funny quite a few pitiful souls doesnt really know what the lecturer is teaching but bound to rule will ask a question. Lot of times, the most interested person would be the lecturer. He / She would be amused to see a person, whom he / she has never seen before in his class. asking a question. With sincere dutiness, he / she would explain what ever the question is..

We would also have "Back up" guys to help out the person who is questioning. "Just in case" to pull him out if he happens to land into a tight corner. Obviously these guys relatively know the stuff what the tutor talking about..

It was hilarious when you were part of it..Great part of our life..

Monday, August 27, 2007

My favorite - SVe Shekher Drama

Even before the Mega Serials occupied our TV Channels, Tamil dramas would be short and crispy. It would regularly 13 episodes or its multiples. And comedy dramas will always hog the limelight. I remember SVe Shekher and Crazy Mohan dramas are entertaining and we wait to watch each episode every week. I think the dramas will be shown two days a week.

As a true Chennaite, you would enjoy the typical “Madras” Baashai in these comedy dramas. Guys these are truly hilarious and evergreen. Sample dialogues, (you cannot translate this)

“Ghumnu okkathu taaraa pakkallam”
“Puthu TV ippadiya makkar pannum”
“Yappa maniyachippa Padtha poduppa..kaasu koduthu ticket vangi erukkom”

Now I found lot of sites where you could hear these dramas online. I was very much pleased to found this old drama “Nam Kudumbam” in raaga.

Sunday afternoon, yesterday’s vegetable kuruma and this drama in background, it was quite a good combination.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Shock n Awe - 300 page iPhone Bill

Shock and got to check these links related to iPhone bill.. 300 - 400 page...I am serious..

This chic says she used to send 35000 messages in a month...postal charges 10 dollars

And she is not alone..another guy received..400 pages..

You can blame a customer not opting an e-bill but thats the point, Save Resources Guys..

Grow up big boys..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 my Palm..

Atlast..after lot of reluntance..I got a new is a PDA..I am still exploring the features present in it..and also trying to port my old number to this new one..
If I am not successful will retain the new how it looks..
Credit goes to Joshua for getting me one..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lunch with Harper Lee

11:40 pm..Two of the girls in my unit passed over for lunch. As a perfect guy thing, I got up and started for lunch..not beside but behind :-)

Everything was pretty good until I reach the door. Suddenly got reminded of Harper's Lee work. This was lying in the bag from monday yesterday. I rushed back to my desk to grab the book. This would be the nerdiest thing I would have ever done. I got the flavour of the book but lost the trail of the feminine scent. Forget it !!

Now my directions were open to Cafe A, AB, C, F and H, I headed toward Cafe C to taste the Veggie Patty from Subway. Harper Lee laughed at me asking "Did you forgot me?" Nah..Never..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Fortune in Orkut..

Today's fortune:

You and your wife will be happy in your life together

This is toooooo much guyssssss..try to publish the fortune according to the marital status of the person...Tension aagaathinga..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Check out this song...

I always enjoy some of the Hindi Melody, touching and soothing.. I searched and got the meaning of this song..its true that I cannot understand much..

Can anyone guess whats this song is?

Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi


This game of hide and seek has gone on too long,
Come home now, wont you

I've searched high and low
these old eyes are weary so,
come home now wont you

Dusk is spreading like the ache in my heart,
my vision blurs, come home now wont you.

I'm in a place you wouldnt believe Ma
Endless skies I can soar
Just like you fairy tales
It's filled with dreams

A sea of hope wth no shore
My soul flies here, like a kite without fears
No one to cut my strings, no more
If only I could show you this place, Ma

Here waterfalls are made of rainbows
There are no roses just bouquets of dreams Ma
Their scent, no flower can hope for
Here sunlight and shadow walk hand in hand

Everything seems bright and new
But what is heaven and all its wonders

When Ma, I dont have you

PS: check this youtube link, to view the song..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


When I first saw "Sirius" satellite radio with dog as his icon..that too when I was peaking with Harry Potter immediately strike Harry's God father..
And the brand goes with dog..which was the patronus of Sirius Black in Harry Potter...

Sirius also known as "Dog Star" is a brightest star in the night time belonging to Canis Major..

Sirius.. Satellite Radio..Harry's God father..."Dog Star"..

I like Harry's Godfather..