Monday, August 13, 2007

Check out this song...

I always enjoy some of the Hindi Melody, touching and soothing.. I searched and got the meaning of this song..its true that I cannot understand much..

Can anyone guess whats this song is?

Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi


This game of hide and seek has gone on too long,
Come home now, wont you

I've searched high and low
these old eyes are weary so,
come home now wont you

Dusk is spreading like the ache in my heart,
my vision blurs, come home now wont you.

I'm in a place you wouldnt believe Ma
Endless skies I can soar
Just like you fairy tales
It's filled with dreams

A sea of hope wth no shore
My soul flies here, like a kite without fears
No one to cut my strings, no more
If only I could show you this place, Ma

Here waterfalls are made of rainbows
There are no roses just bouquets of dreams Ma
Their scent, no flower can hope for
Here sunlight and shadow walk hand in hand

Everything seems bright and new
But what is heaven and all its wonders

When Ma, I dont have you

PS: check this youtube link, to view the song..

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Suresh S said...

I love this song a lot! This is my first visit to ur blog!