Friday, August 31, 2007

Game in College Life..

Yesterday, we watched a movie "Superbad" a school teen comedy, it was quite funny. But, this is not about the movie. I was reminded few games played in my college life during class sessions. Nothing can beat it..

Okay..the game goes like this..its simple..the Mam / Sir would be taking Class on the stage, turning back..passing of the ball shaped paper or handkerchief would continue until the lecturer turns back. And who ever having the paper with them, should definitely stand up and ask a question. Basically should ask a question and move on so that we continue our game.

It would be so funny quite a few pitiful souls doesnt really know what the lecturer is teaching but bound to rule will ask a question. Lot of times, the most interested person would be the lecturer. He / She would be amused to see a person, whom he / she has never seen before in his class. asking a question. With sincere dutiness, he / she would explain what ever the question is..

We would also have "Back up" guys to help out the person who is questioning. "Just in case" to pull him out if he happens to land into a tight corner. Obviously these guys relatively know the stuff what the tutor talking about..

It was hilarious when you were part of it..Great part of our life..


Shuba said...

ohho so its the SSN game?yaa i doubt we asked some questions as a part of the game...rather we used to ask only to make the lecturer shiver :)anyways eating during class hours,throwing paper balls ,strategic planning to bunk class,making rings out of resistors and capacitors playing wid CRO damaging it were all few things i remember! i recall school days to be best!

Raz said...

ithu ellam school la vilaiyadinathu! college i was always sitting in other department class so elunthu ninu kelvi ellam kekka mudiyathu :) obviously i was more engrossed in eating and sincere kadala thro sms.

but :) yeah remembering college is always nice.

first time here.... nice place.

Vidya said...

I was the questions queen at school and college! Sometimes the lecturers would get annoyed at my questions.

This was an uber funny post!


Beautiful Mind said...

Shuba: School days were the best as always..We had really a great time in college..small batch so irrespective of group, we know each other well..

raz: I think we missed the cellular world in college by couple of SMS..only paper was fun though..I could think of one situation and now laughing my heart out..

Vidya: So, are you "Hermione" type..but lecturers would like you people..attentive people in class..doesnt it sounds good..