Wednesday, August 22, 2007 my Palm..

Atlast..after lot of reluntance..I got a new is a PDA..I am still exploring the features present in it..and also trying to port my old number to this new one..
If I am not successful will retain the new how it looks..
Credit goes to Joshua for getting me one..


Nithya N said...

congratulations!! looks cute.

senthil natarajan said...

dude...i personally don like palm da...ketruklame da...but anyways... congrats

Shuba said...

Cool piece!Most of yr friends come under the category of "gadeget-philic " I guess so!

See one person feels sad that u din consult him :)

Have fun!

Beautiful Mind said...

Nithya: Thank you..still exploring it..

Senthil: podaa kumuttai..sollama orrukku oditta..appuram yethuku intha dialogue..enjoi pannu nee meet at San Antonio after u come back.. :-)

Shuba: Thank you..I am way low when compared to rest of the guys..Senthil is way top..i think he got something like this 2 years back..