Friday, November 23, 2007

34 years of service..

I doubt myself of working in a same organization for 34 years but my father made it. He got retired last month after serving 34 years for Ashok Leyland. The farewell was grand and feelings are mutual. Well, I missed the celebrations part of it but can live the moments with the pictures. I have completed 5 years two months in same company and lets see how it goes.

He served in Medical department as a First Aider and had many critical and life saving experiences. When ever he comes out with his real life experiences it makes you feel humble and void. When most of us struggle ourself to tackle machines, he could simply make a difference in a human's life.
He had his own ups and downs in his career but 34 years is a long time to have those.

Thanks for my friends and my brother who put together the pictures.

why 404?

I found this very interesting information..thought I could share..

These lines are taken from the book "Words Words Words" by David Crystal

Everyone logged on to the Internet will have encountered this message sooner or later. A "four-oh-four" error. It tells you that your browser has made a faulty request to a server, typically because a page or site no longer exists. but why 404? The expression derives from the "file not found" message sent out as a response to a faulty enquiry by staff at CERN, in Switzerland - the place where the World Wide Wed was devised. The members of staff worked out of room 404.