Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guide to Flirting..

I was cleaning my inbox and happen to find this article...the mail could be outdated not the content..

Check this out..


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Real thriller Ride

In US, the roller coaster rides thrilled me lot and I dont miss any of the rides if I get a chance to get into any theme parks.

Enjoyed a lot in Universal studios but the ultimate thriller was in "Statrosphere in Las Vegas" and also the "Manhatten Express" in Newyork- Newyork Casino..both are the best and would last evergreen. We decided this by itself worth the trip of Las Vegas (but this was before we entered Casinos). I would dared to go for any rides because I cannot try the same in India. I have attached couple of Stratosphere rides pictures..Big shot from 1081 feet, Insanity from 900 feet..

Whats this all about? read a news last week about a roller coaster stopped for 30 minutes because of the power outage..Surprise isnt it..

In India, we used to have power generators because we know to react these kind of situations. Here, they think believe outage can never happen..this would a real eye opener.

Check out the picture, it would be a horrible experience for the people in the coaster, I feel very sorry for them..,2933,280273,00.html

from fox news

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Offshore - This is too much for you people..

After I came here, our HR department are going great guns..

Outings, Employee Council, Ethnic day, Power dressing and adding to the crown..which really made me the below news..

Daei pasangala, ethallam romba over..


April last week, I got the first book of Harry Potter..I wanted to complete the five books before the movie "Order of the Phoenix" get released and all the six books before the seventh book get released.

Today I was able to complete the fifth book, to be true, I got into too much. Last weekend, took Potter I, II and III from Hollywood and watched for the whole week end. Rest of the time, reading the book.

It is really good reading, I cant think of anything else when I am home...

Famous Oxymoron..

When I tried log on to my hotmail account this below error page..

"We're unable to complete your request
Windows Live ID is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later."

After couple of trials, it did worked but dont know how...what's this related to the topic..

Famous Oxymoron I came across through a email forward

"Microsoft Works"


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tragic Death...

Teen Dies From Muscle Cream Overdose
Saturday, June 09, 2007,2933,279482,00.html


Monday, June 11, 2007

Fatherly advice to New Chuck

I really enjoyed reading this article and took the liberty to print it. Now, it hangs on my cubicle, I got this six months ago, trust me it's not only for New programmers but applies every other programmer in IT world.

Also, go through the comments made for this article, some of it value as the article



Today Evening, Sriram, Lochana and me went to nearby Mcdonald to get her vanilla milkshake. Lochana is 6 year old who could redefine the meaning for mischief and pompous. She is non-stoppable when it rains. But, we always enjoy to pull her and get some innocence replies.
After getting her the Milkshake,

Lochana: "Thank you Sriram"
Sriram was silent..just gave her an acknowledge look
Lochana: "Thank you Sriram"
Sriram did understand now and said, "You are welcome"

After hearing this, she started to enjoy her milkshake. I always like to poke her with petty questions to get same kind of replies.
Naren: "Why we should say welcome after someone says Thank you"
Lochana: "Illa Mama, kaadavul appadithane nammalla padachi erukkaaru" (She meant God had made those rules and we need to oblige to it.)

I really did not expect this from her...Every time innocence can stump you..

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Profile Visits..

I had never viewed my profile or other profiles..I really dont remember whether I have actually created anything for me..

I was reading through Fever's blog and afterwards did blog-hop to "It's all about me"..
She did managed to keep updating her blog, good stuff, her location seems to itch me to click her is 5 hour drive from my current place.

Profile views were "1881", then you know as a good child would do...went to mine and checked my profile visits. It was surprisingly "473", Trust me, nothing was there in my profile..I was proud to myself for the '473' clicks..

Thank you didnt disappoint me..

If Picture can speak thousand words..this would speak the language of tears :-(

Pic from

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Naturally Naked...

Riding naked to show the importance of being nature..

The riders were carefree but had some kind of purpose.. :-)

Entertainment, media, sex, naked always sells or get attention quickly and also get forgotten easily..Always a new thing will hog around to wipe out yesterday's glory.

But, that flash in the pan is required for stressing out the few important things which many of us care about. But, somehow we always have our priorities.

Conrad Schmidt took some time to create a group which were doing similar rides for peace. What an idea..

Anyone ready to participate or to do stewards..check the below links for next year..

News from BBC:

Naked riders promote pedal power Naked riders promote pedal power

About 700 cyclists in various states of undress have cycled through central London in another leg of the World Naked Bike Ride

Related Link..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Define the State...

You are ready, when you feel you can overcome the state of independency by sacrificing yourself into inter-dependency..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

When Stars are done, even the Star can go down

When Stars are done, even the Star touches the ground..

Hilton would not have imagined the stress she is going through currently. She would have gone through the "Positive Stress" all her life. She would not have thought of the emotions she is going through or never dreamt of, until 120 days back.. God !!! a bad hangover with little extra pinch of rudeness can tilt you ship upside down..

This news really makes me sorry for was a princess. How could she be n a 3.5 * 2.5 cell..

Show some mercy on her..,21985,21841052-661,00.html