Monday, June 11, 2007


Today Evening, Sriram, Lochana and me went to nearby Mcdonald to get her vanilla milkshake. Lochana is 6 year old who could redefine the meaning for mischief and pompous. She is non-stoppable when it rains. But, we always enjoy to pull her and get some innocence replies.
After getting her the Milkshake,

Lochana: "Thank you Sriram"
Sriram was silent..just gave her an acknowledge look
Lochana: "Thank you Sriram"
Sriram did understand now and said, "You are welcome"

After hearing this, she started to enjoy her milkshake. I always like to poke her with petty questions to get same kind of replies.
Naren: "Why we should say welcome after someone says Thank you"
Lochana: "Illa Mama, kaadavul appadithane nammalla padachi erukkaaru" (She meant God had made those rules and we need to oblige to it.)

I really did not expect this from her...Every time innocence can stump you..

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