Saturday, June 16, 2007

Real thriller Ride

In US, the roller coaster rides thrilled me lot and I dont miss any of the rides if I get a chance to get into any theme parks.

Enjoyed a lot in Universal studios but the ultimate thriller was in "Statrosphere in Las Vegas" and also the "Manhatten Express" in Newyork- Newyork Casino..both are the best and would last evergreen. We decided this by itself worth the trip of Las Vegas (but this was before we entered Casinos). I would dared to go for any rides because I cannot try the same in India. I have attached couple of Stratosphere rides pictures..Big shot from 1081 feet, Insanity from 900 feet..

Whats this all about? read a news last week about a roller coaster stopped for 30 minutes because of the power outage..Surprise isnt it..

In India, we used to have power generators because we know to react these kind of situations. Here, they think believe outage can never happen..this would a real eye opener.

Check out the picture, it would be a horrible experience for the people in the coaster, I feel very sorry for them..,2933,280273,00.html

from fox news

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