Sunday, May 15, 2011

Omandurar thottam aka Government House

Many people don’t know what this is about and where it is located in Chennai...

It was a home for a "Marathadi" Vinayagar, hundreds of trees, peaceful government offices, old mess, Rajaji Hall at the other end. Public can sneak through to have a pleasant silence in the hot spot of the city. Sometimes with police mercy, we can get a chance to play cricket. Vinayagar Chathurthi is always famous because of the Arasa maram Suyambu Vinayagar and for kids, the free sugar as prasatham.

Of so many locations, why this place has to be chosen as the New Secretariat? Now, the new secretariat looks green but just the lush green lawn and no more trees. It's not the same old place. I know things have to change, old has to give way to new but I don't see a logical reason to have the new Secretariat here.

First reason, it's in the heart of the business center in Anna Salai...surrounded by Pudupet, Ritchie Street, wholesale market, MAC Stadium, near University of Madras, busy Triplicane High Road and Pycrofts road. And everyone knows about the roads of the Triplicane which leads to this new Secretariage from all directions. As the decision was made, they was a rumors that all the mansions will be closed because of Security reasons, the roads will be extended to 30 feet demolishing the existing shops and homes and the notice severed to few shopkeepers already.

So, every time the Ministers come to this place, Anna Salai will be stalled for a while, lucky it didn't happen yet. If this is just because of sentimental beliefs, makes fool of the party started against the same beliefs. Alright this building is also "Green certified" because of the trees surrounding the complex. Our Prime Minister did his part by planting 1000 saplings of evergreen species (not trees) during inauguration day with an artificial multi-Crore fake dome.

With the new government already planned to use the Fort George as the Legislative assembly, we have to wait and watch what happens to this Rs 450 Crores project


Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Real Winner: Election Commission

No "Thaarai" and "Thamppatai" (Folk music instruments), No banners, No posters, No lined up cars or vans, No grand public music or talks, No extra tension for the students during exam times ...even the Central Home Affairs minister cribbed the Election Commission has turned the state to be a “Graveyard look” instead of month-long festive look. When DMK leader declared his party’s manifesto as “the Heroine” and the “Election Commission” as the villain, the voters showcased who are the real winners.

During my Madurai visit before the elections, the car driver was so excited and mentioned he could his business as usual only because of election commission, otherwise his car would have taken for “Anna’s” supporters for party work and would never the money for the month’s effort.

I would have chatted with 50+ plus commoners’ auto drivers, hotel servers, cab drivers, next seat passengers, street vendors in Karur, Madurai, Kancheepuram and Chennai. One auto driver in Chennai became furious when I asked why shouldn’t DMK come back to rule. He asked what the people will do the free instruments with no electricity or no basic amenities. I need to write a separate note on that. This shows the difference between when few are grudged and everyone waiting to take revenge. Everything went calm and silent; most of the people had to do extra research to identify the candidate’s name. Many quoted the cartoon joke, “why parties have to give Grinder, mixie, fridge as freebies…rather send two packets of idly and chutney to every home”

People started to make fun of DMK distribution of TV’s which has taken the media to every home and detailing about the 2G scam and movie advertisements of Karuna’s third Gen family every 2 mins in four different channels. The media, entertainment and paper which were taken by the family has taken the industries back to them, hopefully. Last term, Kalaignar introduced State governed Cable network when they was in tussle with Sun Network but made it non-operational after the family patched together.

If Election commission can govern the election proceedings right in front of CM’s nose that refused to resign to support Election Commission and take the caretaker government and known as the “Best Politician alive till date”, Election Commission should also govern the people (MLA or MP) selected by electorates.

Except Madurai district, DMK managed to get at least one or two seats in others district and it was cleaned out in Madurai district. One of the reason could be the blue-eyed boy of the party in southern districts has distributed only Rs. 200 to romp in voters and the frustration started right there. This time, the voters were watchful, happy about what was happening and people took this opportunity to clean their own image.

When DMK taught the "Thirumagalam formula" to Election Commission, Election Commission showed them back how Election will be conducted....Looking at the margin of results, the extra percentage casted by public mainly to appreciate the Election Commission efforts and the awareness created to vote...After the results announced, many voters felt guilty conscious of not voting in the election.

Hats off to Election Commission and the Voters!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday evening in Marina

Finally decided to kick myself out of the couch and took the streets of Triplicane. What else is an option on a Sunday evening? One thing was sure, nothing changed all these years, the smaller building become bigger ones, and the streets remain the same, same book stores along the platforms. The evening was so wonderful it made to extend the walk little towards our Marina.

Marina on Sunday evenings is an “Experience”, the pavements redesign is a blessing for the people having osteoarthritis, tightened security give some comfort to the public.

The beauty of Marina is it has everything for everyone, sand castle for kids & adults, balloon shooting, mollakai bajjis, waves and the calmness of sea. I could recollect every bit of our family outings; school friends daily meet at Vivekananda Illam and weekly cricket game with college mates. It was a blissful “time-out” and God wish, plan to have every Sunday evening.