Monday, January 26, 2009

First Post...this Year 2009...My Parents trip...Vote of Thanks...

#1 My parents visiting me and was roaming around different places in 3 months. I was constantly hooked into travel websites, travel deals, ticket deals, hotels and car rentals. I can still bet I can find better deals when it comes to travel in US.  

Guys, I would say the road trip with my parents from New Jersey to Washington DC and Phoenix to Las Vegas via Grand Canyon ;) were the best. You won't realise you have so much to talk for long hours with your parents. It's quite a different feeling. I would ask anyone to take this trip anywhere.

I should thank my friends who have accomodated my parents and I for those three months.

Maheshwer ( Yengal Anna Vijayakanth)
Gulam ( Vanathai pola Livingston)
Vivek Krishna 

Special thanks for Shriram Kannan (the best in my all time fame), Shyam (travelling with me to Niagara), Bharath & Bhargavi (for taking them as their parents), Newton ( for arranging Rockford beach house), Raj Prabhu (for travelling with me to Vegas, he owe me a lot for showing the bite of Vegas), Gulam (travelling with me to Orlando), Chandra & Kalpana for helping out in Houston and Rajeshnath (my understanding boss)

San Antonio,TX
Corpus Christi,TX
New York,NY
Washington DC
Niagara Falls, NY
Grand Canyon,AZ
Las Vegas,NV