Saturday, April 30, 2011

Karthika – Kokrakko Ko

Combination of tanned skin, first-Movie, modernized Tamil gal's look, Gorgeous Saree explicitly showcasing the beauty, reporter character and my single-status makes Karthika looks so beautiful and pleasant . Never heard of her until watched this movie and came to know she was actress Radha’s daughter. Radha was liked for multiple reasons and for Karthika is an easy one. Credit should go for the Cameraman and photography. In few scenes her on-screen make-up reminded of “bad make-up” of bride on her wedding day which looks so well on mirror but on front of lights. I was shocked at her age, couldn’t avoid thinking of my Gray hairs…

The song is perfect…”Yennamo Yetho yennam theraluthu…”

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ad...

I love Indian Ads…the creative and storytelling within few seconds is astonishes me. Every time now and then will think of joining any of the creative team. I strongly believe my career should in public affairs. One of the latest advertisements for Cadbury was canny and striking. All the credit should go to the small gal acts in the advertisement. Basically the gal displays the love over chocolates with her cute little body languages.
One place she would even lick the bar when it comes to sharing with her relatives. When the relatives don’t mind, she starts to cry or act to cry. Pleasant Advertisement

And this is my 200th post after a long gap…Let’s celebrate with dairy milk.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bleed Blue - Successful Campaign

Hats off to the Nike's interactive marketing team...Great thought process in putting the Bleed blue Badge with their logo and attaching to the sentiment of every individual. Now, most of the Indian facebook profile have the Bleed Blue logo and symbol carrying Nike brand. Very successful Marketing campaign and someone is doing good in their career.