Saturday, April 30, 2011

Karthika – Kokrakko Ko

Combination of tanned skin, first-Movie, modernized Tamil gal's look, Gorgeous Saree explicitly showcasing the beauty, reporter character and my single-status makes Karthika looks so beautiful and pleasant . Never heard of her until watched this movie and came to know she was actress Radha’s daughter. Radha was liked for multiple reasons and for Karthika is an easy one. Credit should go for the Cameraman and photography. In few scenes her on-screen make-up reminded of “bad make-up” of bride on her wedding day which looks so well on mirror but on front of lights. I was shocked at her age, couldn’t avoid thinking of my Gray hairs…

The song is perfect…”Yennamo Yetho yennam theraluthu…”


Marutham said...

Have heard alot about the movie and songs.... but the heroine...hmmm let me check it out :)
I love that song.. had been listening to it over n over

Beautiful Mind said...

yeah..same here, love the song but thats the only song to enjoy. Thanks for dropping by, couldn't visit your blog and its blocked.