Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is it Worth a Wait ???

Today I asked this question when I was fixed in one place for more than a three hours.

Few things are really worth a wait..Standing in a queue for your favorite star's movie, for a Cricket Match, Getting Prasadam in a Temple, Getting two buckets of Water from Metro Water Tank, the recognition at an unexpected moment, for a true love or even for a look from your favorite person.

Shan and me entered to a college in Kodambakkam. Shan has to attend the Infosys exam. I know he attended not just for fun but to check his market value in India. :-) He had a cool offer Telestra that time and it was his dream job after completing his MS in Melbourne.
After completing the test, we were waiting for the results and it was supposed to announced by 3:00 pm.

It was a dry day and it was totally dry inside the college even more than 50 % are gals.
Shan and me are chatting about good old days and checked our watch it was 4:00. No one informed when the results would be announced and all the 1000 candidates are waiting. We just went out to cool off with Maaza. I could not control my temper how could a company calling themselves as Best Employer for three consecutive years make wait 1000 odd candidates without informing status. At least everyone wanted to know the time, when the results would be announced. Think about the parents waiting along with the candidates.

I could not control myself and blocked the car, which went inside with the recruiters. And they dutifully told it would take 1 hour. God..it would be 5:30 pm. Then, we went out to have Tea.

I do agree they have the best recruitment practices in the industry. But what for.. Think of this situation..Today I called 1000 candidates for a written test. I have started the test by 10:00 am and completed it by 12:00. I am supposed to release the results at 3:00 pm. But I have not done that till 5:51 pm. I have short listed 120 candidates and announced the results at 5:52 pm.

Think about a situation, you are fresher waiting for a entry, took the test for 2 hours, waited for 6 hours to get the results and another 30 minutes to get into the crowd to check the notice board. Now what will happen to the energy level wasted by the rest 880 odd candidates for around 6 hours. Remember these are positive energy being wasted which can be used in more constructive way.

Why cant their make the results online. So that candidates can check from their home. The only best thing happened here, Shan was short-listed.

I wrote this long time back but did not uploaded. The situation holds good even now.

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