Monday, February 13, 2006


Its been more than 3 years in HCL Tech. Everyone ask me why you stay in the same company. i would ask why not, I don't know why but I stick to the same brand.

2 months of training-only enjoyment,3 months worked for the tools group initally, 3-month project in AG, solid more than 2 years 6 months in Chase Insurance, 2 months for Conseco in Chicago and currently 1 month in USAA. Totally my life revolved around Insurance sector.

February 1st, I was called by my Senior Project Manager and informed my Business manager wanted to meet me. I reached Ambattur to report for my new project and got to return back to Nungambakkam again.

Met him and to my surprise, he gave me Promotion letter. I have been promoted.


Jagan said...

congrats on ur promotion dude ..this is really gud news :-)

Deepak said...

congrats is my treat ?

Beautiful Mind said...

@Jagan Thanks machi..and thanks for passing by

@ deepak, sure da, will come to chicago and will have treat at the same Barro where we betted.