Friday, February 24, 2006

Pen Pal..

How about having a Pen Pal..Dont think this is not something new, i thought about. i always loved to have one but was little afraid about exchanging letters. What would you expect from a person bought up from a typical South Indian Conservative family.. I didnt have any pen friends.

I would always peep into the pen friends list and watch about the person. I would do only that, nothing more than that. And why should you come up with the blog?

I saw a Pen Pal program at my client's location. Just checked more details about that but its for local residents. I didnt dared to think about it again after reading the rules and regulations mentioned to be part of the program. But it helps to interact with the school students who need some kind of positive words. The program should be well appreciated.

And the second thing, Two days back I saw a movie "You've gota mail", I know this is old movie. It was really nice to exchange your thoughts when both of your identities is not disclosed. You have that extra freedom and words, Write what you wanted and exchange. this way, they shouldnt be any problem.

When you try write or talk to your friends, you may not be able to convey everything and anything. But, to few we may but we cannot tell them, how you enjoyed your morning coffee. And how you enjoyed talking to the gal who is a common friend, lot of things goes like this.

The best thing is, you can discuss about anything and then if you happen to forgot or dont want to continue, you can do that. Next day, you may end up meeting with the same person and it start fresh.

Let see how it goes..


Bindu said...

have seen "You've got mail". A nice story.. and I liked the female character better then the guy. He seemed a lot selfish!!

Beautiful Mind said...

Yeah..even I liked Meg Ryan. She was very cool..And can never forget the her last dialogue.. " I wanted it to be you, so badly"