Monday, February 13, 2006

Dared to Do..

Everyone thinks, I can easily move with gals let it be known or unknown ones. I do agree I would easily get along with gals known to me but not with unknown genre. I have huge respect for gals and for their time. (does it sounds Political J ) Last Sunday was a different moment.

We guys went to Pondicherry (01/29/06) to play Cricket (don’t laugh, we are not the guys who enjoy the best in Pondy). We went to Sunnambar (backwaters area) and landed near the sea. We started playing Cricket and we found three cool gals spending their time in waters. Isn’t it good to watch Sun, Sand, and Sea with Gals?

My team was batting and I just walked around the shore. I was taking snaps from the long shots of cricket. Relaxed on the wet sand and watching the cricket. Suddenly I stood up and went near them. I asked them to take a snap with the cricket backdrop. One gal willing got up and took the snap. I felt my digital camera is worth for 280 dollars.

This was nothing for many folks but when I went near my friends. Then I realized these guys weren’t playing cricket, watching me instead. Thanks to JK for pointing this to rest of the folks.
Good thing, I didn’t get any beatings.

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