Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Places with "Thiru"..

Today Ravi and I had lunch together. I was planning to have it alone and watch some sports obviously cricket Sri Lanka and India. And Ravi joined me when I was searching a place to have my food. When we were discussing about my place Triplicane, Ravi asked me why most of the towns in Tamil Nadu starts with “T’?

One of the “Why” kind of questions which was never thought about. I said to him that could probably because most of the towns start with “Thiru” and which ever town has a “thiru” they should be a temple in that. I stated some examples to him “Thiruvallikeni”, “Thirimylai”, ”Thiruvotriyur”, “Thiruchirapalli”.

Ravi was spot on and asked me then what is the real name for Madurai. Hmm..I thought about couple of Goddess temples in Tamil Nadu. Madurai and Kanya Kumari and both the places do not have “Thiru” in it. Probably no Goddess temples carry “Thiru” or “Thirumathi” with them. Don’t know why?

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