Sunday, October 28, 2007

True Days..

We were 41 guys in my class, most of the time stick around each other..they were many memorable moments. We still stay in touch with each other and yahoogroups (dhoolguys) were active that sometimes you would miss the thread.
One of the best things we did , was starting a social trust among ourselves named Nivaran Social Service. (NSS). We contribute among ourselves and dont collect outside.
One of the sweetest thing we did, Srini designed a photo template with our college background and all our 41 guys photo in the photo frame. We have started this tradition of giving to the new couple along with the gift. See the picture..
One of the best mail threads we started, in our groups, we started with a mission of listing 500 best events in our college days and the response was really great.
Whats this post all about..I have decided to eleborate those days and log those moments before I forget..Going to tag.. College Days - Tasty Wine

I have posted the photo template mentioned as our sweet little thing..
PS: This is my 150th

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow..Thats a very sweet reminiscing post :) Convey my Best wishes 2 the couple! :D