Friday, October 26, 2007

Veetukku ponumma..Dress seriya pannathinga...

Check this out..semma koothuthan pongaa..

Are you sure IT’s proper dress?
Tech Mahindra has enforced a strict dress code for its employees. Employees found “inappropriately” dressed are being sent home to change

IT may no longer be a cool place to dress and work. Tech Mahindra, one of India’s top IT companies with its head office in Pune, has enforced a strict dress code for its employees. Employees found “inappropriately” dressed are being sent home to change. Over 23,000 professionals work at Tech Mahindra’s global network of 24 locations, including 11 development centres and 13 global sales offices. Employees would be given a warning for the first offence. In case the offence is repeated, the employee will be slapped with a penalty of Rs 1,000, the dress code says. The company will, however, allow exceptions in case of medical issues which prevent adherence to the code, but only temporarily and with approval from HR.

Source: The Times of India


aditi said...

Well,I think v are sailing in the same boat.
I am with mindtree n v are also told that v'd be sent back in case of not following the "FORMAL" dress code.
But then,i think they have a justification to it.Tech mahindra,i donno,but mindtree is a services company n we have clients coming around all the while..So i think its time v forget the easy jean tee combo n get set for some smart formal clothing.....

Shuba said...

I feel this is gud!

U cant come to office like u go to a shop nearby!in most IT companies people have a laid back attitude.I feel a formal dress sense should be enforced.yaa fridays could be casual but then jeans 5 days a weak and Tshirts......i feel thats least professional!

The first impression we create is through our dress that needs to be really taken care of!

Beautiful Mind said...

Aditi: Wow..I didnt know that Mindtree also follow the same rule silently. But, its acceptable nowadays because even customers work from the offshore centre, its always best to put decent outlook.

Shuba: I agree, all five days business casuals can be enforced. Few days back in HCL, they advised to wear ties on Monday and after several feedback rolled back that change. :-)

Shuba said...

oH TIE?Cool......naren don u know guys look gud in Ties? :).Here in my new off culture is too cool but i like to stick to my professional attire.....however people around me like strict work while u work play while u play...i beleieve in formal attire at work.....that gives a real gud feel and people look up at u!I feel this is most imp for professionals in growing stage!

Beautiful Mind said...

Shuba: Ties are good but for regular days..I dont know..whether its feasible. It would have been nice to see all the guys wearing the ties..but I couldnt see that..It lastted only for three weeks..