Saturday, August 27, 2005

Many More Happy Returns of the Day.....

I love festivals. It is obvious, Festivals and Fun get along each other..Many of them are unique in their own style..own habits..own practices.. Today it is one of it kind..

Krishna Jayanthi.. Got remember the old days when I used to keep my legs :-)
believe me..when I was kid..and after some years..took nearby kid for the leg impression and later years..started to keep my hands for the leg STAMP.. And now we do not have to spare some time for the celebrations.

Coming home just to taste the Murukku, Seedai and Soondal...Everything was over by this time..Atleast thought of singing him the birthday song..

Happy Birthday to you !!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!
Happy Birthday to dear Krishna !!!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!

Will wait for the next year for celebrations.. :-)

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