Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Saturday Night in...

I called it a day and started walking to my would be five kilometres..but some times..I do this lonely walk..I really enjoy it.

When I crossed Ispahani Center, something stuck me about Shyam. He called me around evening but could not talk to him..Busy with my work :-) believe me..Production Problem. Gave that call to check he is in the office. To my surprise he was there..

We planned to eat outside..I used to go out with friends to these Non-Veg restaurants even on Saturday..Immediately I suggested Anjappar which is just opposite to his office.We landed in and ordered for Dosai, Ceylon Parotta, Gobi 65 and Veg Chettinad Curry and told them about being Strictly Veg on Saturday...That includes Egg too..

We were chatting and I was explaining about the Insurance Plans..About the Data Storage happening in my industry..Films and about Alumni Meet ..

Almost we have completed our Chatting and the food..Then I realised untouched Gravy..My mind said do not waste the food..First time I realised the I/O speed was more than the Processor..My Hands reacted very quickly than the Mind..And the gravy in my plate..
Thought I would enjoy the two remaining parathas with the gravy..But I saw something very soft thing coming along with the gravy..Heart was should be Paneer..But..the reality always checkmates you.. It is mutton piece..God !! everything stopped for one second..I could not control my temper that moment...

Called for the supervisor who didnt take orders for us..Checked what it is..Coolly that guy said Mutton gravvy sir..I could not control any further of this..And informed the concerned Supervisor and the server..

Anjappar was my favourite outlet at any time..Today it was really bad experience for me..Prayed to Perumal about the mistake happened and said to him never will this happen..But he can only have the last laugh..

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