Friday, March 14, 2008

HandBag Matters...

Today, end of work, I saw a lady going out with a big bag, carry bag and a hand bag. I was fascinated and thought what she would have carried to stay maximum of 9 hours in one place.
I am pretty sure she was not marooned in an island. Then, I realized not only her but every other women carried minimum of two bags with them if you ignore the purse. What for??

I know many men carry same purse from the time he started to have let it be for sentimental or lucky reasons.

I remember this one incident happened in my school days. Our French madam went out in middle of the class and she is famous for her make-up kit. My friends wanted to confirm the rumors and open her handbag. One person, Balaji, successfully opened and end up with thrashing from her. It was quite funny to relive.

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Shuba said...

LOL..when i read it it was like someone pinpointing me..hee hee anyways few other things u never knew..most women but handbags to match their clothes....and for sure itll be as if it has a travel kit....u wanna irritate a girl..jus ask whats in the handbag or try touching it......then watch the reaction!!!!!