Monday, March 10, 2008

Day Light Savings..

Saturday night, we went out for movie. We had ready made parotta with Murali's kozhambu.. Suddenly we figured its 2:00 pm everywhere, no way this movie could be more than 4 hours. Then, we realised we lost one hour due to day light savings. God !! My one hour of sleep was lost and now I couldn't sleep. My body cannot accept its 1:00 pm, it would be 12:00 two days back.

The most significant thing, researchers figured out, energy consumption was more during the savings time rather reduced usage. So, then for what this is followed??


Shuba said...

Good India is not subjective to these day light savings....4 hrs movie by any chance u watched Jodha AKbar ?

Beautiful Mind said...

No..we went to 10000 BC because of day light savings we lost one more hour..