Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ullam Ketkumae...Watched Today..My Thoughts

Why we liked both Shaam and Laila in Ullam Ketkumae. Only this pair lasted in our minds even after the movie got over. What about innocent Paachu.. Sentimental Dialogues and the evergreen college day fun.

It’s very simple. Love between them got succeeded and got a lasting image even after 2 1/2 hours.

Ullam Ketkumae is another movie of its kind, which got all the essence to rekindle the nostalgia. To be perfect, the college nostalgic feelings. Jeeva played it safe after his unsuccessful attempt in 12B and targeted the exact audience of the movie goers..The youth.

He really wants to make everyone think about the days where fun alone mattered. He had reached the winning lap for this.

When we come out of the movie, we really forget Irene's sacrifice, Priya's Practical Advice, Pooja’s Playfulness and Paachu's Wittiness. We were so happy for Sham and Pooja :-). Love always receives applause and appreciations. You appreciate the thing when you cannot master it. No one in this world can master love and Cine Directors are masters to play their strokes in this area, so did Jeeva and he romps home a bingo.

Ullam Ketkumae is named previously as PEPSI signifying the five characters of the Movie. Pooja, Emman, Priya, Sham and Irene. Jeeva did not waste time of these people from different background and family becoming friends. Story is simple. Pooja loves Sham, Sham loves Priya and luckily the roads are straight in Emman and Irene route and no more triangles in that. What happens in the end? In between we have the sentimental dialogues, Campus funs and fights, and everything was given in a perfect notion. Paachu reminds with his role and so does Venu. To be clear only these characters had some lines to deliver.

Some dialogues lingers your heart. When Irene says to Pooja during Emman Marriage "I do not know whether he would have become this much great if I had said yes". Irene gets her due on sympathy and sacrifice waves. Priya advises to Sham and telling her, he is the best friend. She got herself 'hmm hmm good gal'. Sham gets his share when he addresses in final day of college and his talk to Pooja before she departs in Emman's Party.

Finally Pooja wins the race completely over shadowing in her acting. Irene and Priya are coming like Barbie dolls one in Western and another in Traditional. Sometimes these dolls do some talks and I have mentioned it above. I think this would be the second best movie for Shaam after Iyarkai. Emman plays his part to the okay level and he does not get his best share.

Harris Jeyaraj had his best in background score. ThottaTharani should also be given his due share of appreciation. Jeeva should be credited for his Characterization which does play a huge in these kind of College films and also for his Camera works.

At the end, I really feel ashamed. I have not even proposed to a girl. But getting one does mattered the most. Gosh. Why I went back to my old days :-) Is this because of this movie :-)


sathyus said...

hehe sometimes its bliss to be single!! you wouldnt realise that unless you get into a relationship so enjoi it when it lasts!!

Saravana Kumar said...

sathyus when did you get into a relation and when did yu started rolling in bliss :P