Friday, December 23, 2005

Three Things about me..

How about 3 things about me..

3 Names I Go BY

Why 3 names, I give you 5 names. Athukku mellai too much. :-)

1. Naren (Official Short name in office)
2. Noisynut (In yahoo messenger)
3. Luna (DhoolGuys will call only in this name)
4. Naresh (My Home)
5. Narendran (According to Birth certificate)

3 Things I Like About Myself

Very talkative, even to unknown stranger.
Easy going and carefree.
Adjustment and patience.

3 things I love to change.

Will believe people easily
Trying to understand everyone in everyone's stance
Carry other's work and responsibility
Too much talkative. need to stop that. Oops!! 4th one.. Bear this one.

3 Parts of My Heritage

Surappa Street in Triplicane, chennai
Triplicane high Road, Triplicane, Chennai
Other parts of Triplicane and Royapettah, Chennai

3 Things That Scare Me

If anyone misinterpret me becoz of my talkative happens sometimes.
Missin my dudes
How am I going to maintain these relations I have build so far..

3 roles I have played.

The roles I have been through..

Son : Doing good job..No problems and taking responsibilities, no problems
Student : Always been in good relationship with staffs..Surprised when my school biology teacher took to the principal to introduce me.
Work : I do not see much problem here also. Trying to maintain professional relationship..but could not succeed yet.
Friend : Always a donor..

3 Things I Like About Opposite Sex

Not so fair-complexion
Independent and understanding.
Should able to mingle with anyone.

3 Things I Badly Need To Do Right Now it is 00:30 am
Someone to talk in Tamil..someone talkative like me. Its been long time,( Its been only one month here..but thats long)
Video conferencing facility to show myself to my mother that I am doing great and fine. Friends are cooking for no problem..Your baby is fine here. Dont worry.

3 Places I Want To Go on Vacation

Europe - want to see and feel the history behind it.
Kashmir - Heard it’s a heaven but have not felt it.
Munnar - My favorite Bench near the lake. Love to Sing Unni Menon's songs lonely when the mist comes down from the mountains nearby. I know the excitement behind it becoz I have done thrice.

3 Things I am Wearing Right Now

Evergreen smile...
T-shirt and Pants. :-)

3 Things I Wish To Do Before I Die

Wanted to become a successful entreprenuer
Wanted to involve myself in social service after some time and do lot of activites under Nivaran Social Services.
This two is enough.

If anyone wants to know anything more..sent me the questions.. :-)


Saravana Kumar said...

daii narendran enna sudden activity on the blog ... I thought you closed down the blog da ... neways this one clean one machi ... I don't have to read this to understand you either

Deepak said...

dei,naan oonkudha daily endha language le pesithu errukae ?? tamil dhaane , aprom enna da scenu ?