Sunday, March 05, 2006

Valentine's Day in our Company

Decorations hold part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations. It all depends on to who is decoration and for whom we are doing it. Our Division also wanted to have a bash on that day. And Decoration was not part of the celebration but it was the main course itself. The sorry people were the office boys working in our division.

They were asked to tie “Heart-Shaped” Red Balloons in all the desks, pathways, corridors, doors and entrance. They have to blow, tie and also need to show some creativity to make decoration more attractive. And a supervisor is assigned for this purpose.

These guys were very busy for that whole week because of continuous client visits and would have spent more than 12 hours in office. After that, they have to blow these balloons, everyone were sorry for them.

A supervisor made a comment, ”Sir, ponna masam republic daykkuda etha mathiri kodi yetha sollale, atha sonnavathu konjam santhoshma pannuvom, ellati indepencence daykkuda paravalla. Ethukku poi eppadi pannraga” (If they asked to do for republic day, we would have happily done this, even for independence day too, but for this day). I know he is not a complaining man.

We can only acknowledge his question but wasn’t able to answer. Just went and helped him blowing 8 – 10 balloons for my cabin and around. J could not help much.


Divya.B said...

ya..i always think why do ppl give so much importance to a thing as trivial as v day...GOK!!

Deepak said...

my point exactly....which dumbass decided to celebrate valentine's day in the office ?

Gladtomeetin said...

Hmmm Valentine's Day in office...
These day Society forces us to celebrate it in a big way... If you show your love to the loved ones on other days...wont it be accepted.......

Facts of life !!!

Jeevan said...

V-Day in office? putuaiya irukku. ok after that what happens?

Beautiful Mind said...

Divya: Exactly. Even like valentine's day :-), but I dont like people celebrating it as a festival.
Thanks for stoppin by.

Deepak: Now, its a fashion to celebrate V.Day as a festival unofficially. Deepak, do you something, all employees were requested to come in red colour? How that sounds to you :-)

Beautiful Mind said...

Nithya: Loved ones will always be with us no matter you shower or shiver your love. V.Day in artificial and nothing happens. Maximum we can see only few comments and giggles passed on among friends.
Good to see her.


Nothing happens. HR wanted to show, they are conducting these goodies apart from regular work. Take photos, publish in the intranet and also document it for their audit. this is the main purpose of it. :-)

If you have your real ones, why you need to stay in office for this artificial fun.

Kavitha said...

You celebrated Valentine's day at WORK?!! I'm sorry, but exactly where do you work again?? Let me know so I will stay away.