Friday, April 27, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2011

General complaint about the World Cup Cricket in 2007 was boring, no exciting matches and the tournament was long. One more important reason is the ouster of India and Pakistan teams from the world cup. Both the countries are among the host nations for next world cup to be held in sub continent.

India is going to host 22 games, Pakistan 14 games, Sri Lanka 9 games and Bangladesh 6 games.
What would happen if any two teams out of four not qualified for the second level? Can we pull the same kind of crowd as it would be normally? But, we can assure it would definitely more than the response what we saw in Caribbean.

What about the safety and security measures? We did happen to see demolishing of player's house and threatens. I cannot imagine the headache of the police personnel.

But, even we analyze all the pros and cons, the advertising rights and money will answer all the questions to be raised.

- Naren

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